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* Revert "eolian: disallow missing docs for stable API where necessary"Xavi Artigas2019-09-301-7/+2
* eolian: disallow missing docs for stable API where necessaryDaniel Kolesa2019-09-301-2/+7
* eolian: update C generator to respect by_ref as well as testsDaniel Kolesa2019-09-051-2/+2
* eolian: move all tests to use the new @move syntax and APIDaniel Kolesa2019-09-021-1/+1
* eolian: remove static_array and terminated_arrayDaniel Kolesa2017-09-221-2/+0
* eolian: add mstringDaniel Kolesa2017-09-221-1/+1
* eolian: correctness fixes in tests and eo filesDaniel Kolesa2017-09-151-1/+1
* eolian: remove parsing of pointers and the corresponding APIsDaniel Kolesa2016-11-101-2/+2
* eolian: rename ref to ptr to avoid confusion with eo refsDaniel Kolesa2016-11-021-1/+1
* eolian: add support for static and terminated arraysDaniel Kolesa2016-06-301-0/+2
* eolian: refine the ref system to suit more casesDaniel Kolesa2016-06-081-1/+1
* eolian: add a new references system to help replace pointersDaniel Kolesa2016-06-061-1/+1
* eolian: utilize the new builtin string type across eo filesDaniel Kolesa2016-05-311-1/+1
* eolian: Test recognition of struct types used in methodsVitor Sousa2015-10-211-0/+3
* eolian: generate correct fallback characterDaniel Kolesa2015-07-031-1/+1
* eolian: add support for monospace highlights in docsDaniel Kolesa2015-07-031-0/+1
* eolian: tests for extern struct/typedef not-generationDaniel Kolesa2015-05-291-0/+4
* eolian: new syntax for params/values/keysDaniel Kolesa2015-05-181-1/+1
* eolian: buttsDaniel Kolesa2015-05-121-13/+1
* eolian: add support for opaque struct types (+ tests)Daniel Kolesa2014-08-211-0/+3
* eolian: more consistent syntaxDaniel Kolesa2014-08-211-1/+1
* eolian: fix tests and fix class name comparison in parserDaniel Kolesa2014-08-211-1/+1
* eolian: add tests for struct types plus fix a double free and name storage on...Daniel Kolesa2014-07-141-0/+31