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2013-04-26ecore_audio: Test read-while-paused code path as wellDaniel Willmann
2013-04-26ecore_audio: Test VIO input/output of base in/out classDaniel Willmann
2013-04-26ecore_audio: Test the looped signal/code path as wellDaniel Willmann
2013-04-24Eo: fixed an issue with the test_value test.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-24Eo: Added test to the special eina value type.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-23ecore_audio: Add more return values for methods, catch up with APIDaniel Willmann
2013-04-23Rename edbus->eldbusLucas De Marchi
2013-04-23Eo: tests to check eo ptrs indirection feature.Daniel Zaoui
2013-04-19ecore_audio: Guard against attaching an input twiceDaniel Willmann
2013-04-19ecore_audio test: Better test coverage for inputsDaniel Willmann
2013-04-19ecore: update ecore_test_ecore_main_loop_event test for more coverage code.Valerii Kanunik
2013-04-18tests/ecore_audio: Create temporary test files in build dirDaniel Willmann
2013-04-18ecore_audio: Add return value to input_attach methodDaniel Willmann
2013-04-18ecore_audio: Enable tone test caseDaniel Willmann
2013-04-18ecore_audio: Enable soundfile test for eoDaniel Willmann
2013-04-18ecore_audio: Build Eo-based Ecore_Audio and tests nowDaniel Willmann
2013-04-17Evas textblock: fix split cursor tests; FIXME ligatures testsYakov Goldberg
2013-04-16Eina tests: Use TESTS_BUILD_DIR instead of PACKAGE_BUILD_DIR.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-16eeze/sensor: Switch timestamp to relative values coming.Stefan Schmidt
2013-04-15Evas textblock: Fixed a bug with deletion of ranges.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-12eeze/sensor: Move eeze_Sernsor_obj_get into private header.Stefan Schmidt
2013-04-12Eo array: Add more testing.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-12Eo: Added eo_event_callback_array_* functions.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-12ecore_timer test: Pre-increment variable to prevent buffer overflowDaniel Willmann
2013-04-12ecore: reduce risk of rounding error.Cedric Bail
2013-04-12ecore: add tests for ecore_poll module.Valerii Kanunik
2013-04-12ecore: add tests for Ecore_Evas.Dmytro Kaidalov
2013-04-12ecore: add ecore timer test.Vitaliy Venzak
2013-04-12ecore: Added tests for ecore_app_args procedures.Valerii Kanunik
2013-04-11Evas textblock: Revert commit 3832ec5Yakov Goldberg
2013-04-11Evas textblock: fixing testsYakov Goldberg
2013-04-11Evas text: fixing testYakov Goldberg
2013-04-10Evas textblock: disable some tests. FIXMEYakov Goldberg
2013-04-10Efl textblock/entry: additions to split BiDi cursorYakov Goldberg
2013-04-10Evas textblock: fixing tests to work w/ or w/o harfbuzzYakov Goldberg
2013-04-09eo: Update tests to check for the correct error stringsDaniel Willmann
2013-04-09eina: add eina_inlist_first and eina_inlist_lastJérémy Zurcher
2013-04-08Evas font: Fixed a bug with cluster sizes and ligatures.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-04evas/font: fixing testsYakov Goldberg
2013-04-04evas/font: fix handling querying char at coords (click on gap)Yakov Goldberg
2013-04-03eina: fix test logic after change in Eina_Cow GC.Cedric BAIL
2013-04-02ecore_audio: Rename ecore_audio_*_userdata_{get,set} userdata -> dataDaniel Willmann
2013-04-02eina_cow: Fix compilation for tests againDaniel Willmann
2013-03-29matching fix to evas test suite to account for changes in wordCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-03-28eeze/sensor/tests: Catch all callbacks from async read.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-27eeze/sensor: Setup all ecore event types in init.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-27eeze/sensor/test: Remove useless check.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-27eina: add eina_file_mkdtemp and tests for Eina_File.Vladislav Brovko
2013-03-25eina: improve Eina_Value coverage.Valerii Kanunik
2013-03-22eeze_sensor: Don't free the data passed in the callback ourselfDaniel Willmann