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2017-05-31edje: Reshuffle a bit edje_object.eoJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-31edje: Move part drag APIs to efl_partJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-30eolian: use unit in typedecl c_type_getDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: doc token ref resolver now takes unitDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: expr eval APIs now take unitsDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: use units in by_file getters for typedeclsDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: pass unit to enum get by nameDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: pass unit to struct get by nameDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: pass unit to alias get by nameDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: update tests according to unit APIDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30eolian: make by-name variable lookups take unitDaniel Kolesa
2017-05-30elm_code: fix wrong selection deleteYeongJong Lee
2017-05-30edje: Add test case for signal_recursive_processJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-30check: Bump version to 0.9.10 and change macroJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-29ecore: Remove ecore_types.eotJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-24edje: Implement EO API for message_sendJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-23Evas textblock: fix width calculation of non-dirty paragraphsDaniel Hirt
2017-05-22rename elm_button to Efl.Ui.ButtonAmitesh Singh
2017-05-20efl_ui_focus_manager: fix valgrind warnings in the testsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-18Revert "elm_code: Add a save_as API call for writing buffers to a new file"Andy Williams
2017-05-16elm_code: Add a save_as API call for writing buffers to a new fileAndy Williams
2017-05-09eina: fix for escapable charachters not getting escaped if it comes after '\t...Prasoon Singh
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: specify the event in the same way evas doesMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: rename api from geometry to focus_geometryMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-03elm_code: fix make check, sorryAndy Williams
2017-04-25itests: elm_focus: rename local variable to avoid clash with main()Stefan Schmidt
2017-04-21tests: add test for large eina tiler rectMike Blumenkrantz
2017-04-21eo: move event related structures and callback to CDaniel Kolesa
2017-04-20elementary: fix focus testsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20focus_tests: fix the test suiteMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20tests: update to recent changesMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: a logical item should never get focus.Marcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20managersub: remove the select_set callMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui: introduce a focus manager and sub manager objectMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-19eolian: fix buggy generation of auto/empty on propertiesDaniel Kolesa
2017-04-19eo: Add new API efl_castJean-Philippe Andre
2017-04-13eolian: allow extending eolian-generated classes from within CDaniel Kolesa
2017-04-06evas: update webp output test.Cedric BAIL
2017-03-07removing duplicates winsock2.hIvan Furs
2017-03-06elementary: fix tests build.Cedric Bail
2017-03-06tests: Remove CPU affinity from all threadsJean-Philippe Andre
2017-02-22js: Change test eos to ptr()Lauro Moura
2017-02-21evas: Fix make check (evas_suite compilation)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-02-16eo: ensure the generation is correctly clampedMarcel Hollerbach
2017-02-13tests: eina_file: check if the fd is really 0 when we set close file to trueStefan Schmidt
2017-02-13tests: eina_file: fix coding style in file_unlink test caseStefan Schmidt
2017-02-13tests: eina_file: remove unused variableStefan Schmidt
2017-02-09elementary-cxx: Make C++ test compile a not used archive so linking can be av...Felipe Magno de Almeida
2017-02-07ecore: add test to make sure that the timer reset during callback work as exp...Cedric BAIL
2017-02-07eina_file: add eina_file_unlinkIvan Furs