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2020-05-27refactor buildMarcel Hollerbach
libraries are split into deps, external deps, and pub deps. Evas engines are refactored to use the predefined engine deps. this is preparation work for efl-one. Reviewed-by: Stefan Schmidt <> Differential Revision:
2018-10-15meson: fix build files size explosionMarcel Hollerbach
wayland protocols accidently added generated c source files to the sources. This lead to every dependency of evas compiling those 5 c source code files again and again and again. Which is completly wrong. This commit splits up between headers and c files. which reduces the build files from over 4K to roughly 3K. Differential Revision:
2018-10-02here comes mesonMarcel Hollerbach
a new shiny buildtool that currently completes in the total of ~ 4 min.. 1 min. conf time 2:30 min. build time Where autotools takes: 1:50 min. conf time 3:40 min. build time. meson was taken because it went quite good for enlightenment, and is a traction gaining system that is also used by other mayor projects. Additionally, the DSL that is defined my meson makes the configuration of the builds a lot easier to read. Further informations can be gathered from the README.meson Right now, bindings & windows support are missing. It is highly recommented to use meson 0.48 due to optimizations in meson that reduced the time the meson call would need. Co-authored-by: Mike Blumenkrantz <> Differential Revision: Depends on D7011
2018-01-10wayland: add xdg-shell vfinal support for client-sideMike Blumenkrantz
2017-10-25wayland: expand efl-hints protocol to work for all types of xdg shell surfacesMike Blumenkrantz
2017-10-25wayland: add support for efl weight hint propagation from elm_win to efl_wlMike Blumenkrantz
2017-08-04wayland: add efl-hints protocol for setting aspect on surfacesMike Blumenkrantz
2017-07-28ecore-wl2: implement support for aux hintsMike Blumenkrantz
this is a direct copy of a feature from tizen git with no modifications other than what was required for compilation and functionality;a=commitdiff_plain;h=01e72b7e3484ece4b589f95315990ba2c366c231;a=commitdiff;h=670d84b579f248ae0e3df48e9953fe8128da9468 fix T5780 @feature
2017-01-18ecore_wl2: Auto generate www protocolDerek Foreman
Needed to copy the protocol file from Enlightenment.
2017-01-18ecore_wl2: Auto generate teamwork protocolDerek Foreman
The name was non-standard and we didn't have the xml in tree, xml has been copied from Enlightenment.
2017-01-18ecore_wl2: Auto generate session-recovery protocolDerek Foreman
Check in the latest session-recovery xml and remove the checked in generated files.