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25 hourseldbus: fix the data size issue.devs/hermet/lottieHermet Park
31 hoursevas - genetic update regions smart merge - merge v adjacent regionsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
31 hoursevas render - add debug to draw boxes around update regionsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
31 hourstiler - add maxreg for newtiler - not used atm but matches currentCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
40 hoursevas gl - tune gl engine to use a bit less cpu overheadCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
40 hourselm test - animated icon - big win to have a bg and not garbageCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2 daysbuild: move static out of none_staticMarcel Hollerbach
2 daysEfl.Canvas.Vg.Object: Fix backup sizeJunsuChoi
2 daysbuild: move static out of none_staticMarcel Hollerbach
2 daysEfl.Gfx.Path: Modify boundary calculation.JunsuChoi
3 daysRevert "elementary: build elementary_test additionally as shared object"Stefan Schmidt
3 daysEfl.Canvas.Vg.Object: Prevent null pointer accessJunsuChoi
3 daysevas/engine: Fix memory leak in generic cache.Subhransu Mohanty
3 dayselementary_test: Added --autoclose option to elementary_testSubhransu Mohanty
3 daysEfl.Canvas.Vg.Object: Optimize Ector Surface SizeJunsuChoi
3 daysecore: Fix Asan stack overflow warningSubhransu Mohanty
4 daysbuild: add eet to evas suiteMarcel Hollerbach
4 daysbuild: do not link test suite again against static libsMarcel Hollerbach
4 daysefl_access_text: remove ptr usage in eo filesAli Alzyod
4 dayselm_gesture_layer: Arrange the logic for delete the target object in gesture cb.Woochanlee
4 dayseo: Fix memory leak in efl_key_wref_set() api.Subhransu Mohanty
4 dayscanvas svg: fix missing break.Hermet Park
4 dayselm_hoversel: Add missing resize_job's freeJunsuChoi
4 dayscanvas svg: fix missing break.Hermet Park
5 dayselementary: Fix memory leak in elm_listSubhransu Mohanty
5 dayssvg/loader: Fix memory leakSubhransu Mohanty
5 dayssvg/loader: Fix memory leakSubhransu Mohanty
5 daysEfl.Gfx.Vg.Value_Provider: Move internal function changed_flag to eo.JunsuChoi
5 dayselm_gen****: free item_content mapMarcel Hollerbach
6 daysbindings/lua: simplify some eolian binding codeDaniel Kolesa
6 daysbindings/lua: fixes for cffi-luaDaniel Kolesa
6 dayselua: fix object system on lua 5.2 onwardsDaniel Kolesa
6 daysbindings/lua: use new _fill api variants for expr valuesDaniel Kolesa
6 dayseolian: add out-param variants of expr eval/value get funcsDaniel Kolesa
6 daysbindings/lua: minor fixes to accommodate cffi-luaDaniel Kolesa
7 daysevas examples - build box example again - missing headerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
7 daysevas - examples - evas box fix path to png fileCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
7 dayselua: use cffi-lua public headerDaniel Kolesa
7 dayselua: fix build with luajit or lua 5.1Daniel Kolesa
7 daysbindings: rename luajit -> luaDaniel Kolesa
7 daysbindings/luajit/eolian: get rid of using bitopsDaniel Kolesa
8 dayselua: allow building with interpreted (non-luajit) luaDaniel Kolesa
8 daysevas_text: reduce Video Memory & RAM needed for text textures (Color Glyphs)Ali Alzyod
8 daysSupport WebP Animation Image FilesTaehyub Kim
8 daysefl_ui_textpath: reduce unneeded matrix calculationsali198724
8 daysedje edje_cc: remove beta tag for vector part.Hermet Park
9 daysbuild: add efl-canvasl-wl to efl-oneMarcel Hollerbach
9 daysbuild: vg_common depends on evas internalsMarcel Hollerbach
9 daysbuild: split off static parts from external parts in evasMarcel Hollerbach
9 daysbuild: make eina drag in the -lm flagMarcel Hollerbach