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2018-04-24Efl.Gfx.Entity (from Efl.Gfx)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Config_Global (from Efl.Config.Global)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Canvas.Vg.Object (from Efl.Canvas.Vg)Xavi Artigas
Also, Efl.Canvas.Vg.* (from Efl.Canvas.VG.*) Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Canvas.Text_* (from Efl.Canvas.Text.*)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Canvas.Surface_* (from Efl.Canvas.Surface.*)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Canvas.Event_Grabber (from Efl.Canvas.Object.Event.Grabber)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Canvas.Image_Internal (from Efl.Canvas.Image.Internal)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Update elementary examples .gitignoreXavi Artigas
Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Canvas.Animation_* (from Efl.Canvas.Animation.*)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Access.Object (from Efl.Access)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24Efl.Canvas.Scene (from Efl.Canvas)Xavi Artigas
Ref Reviewed-by: Cedric Bail <>
2018-04-24elm test: resolve possible integer overflowJongMin Lee
2018-04-24efl_page_transition_scroll: Fix warning of uninitialized variableJaehyun Cho
2018-04-24evas_map: Fix a bug about wrong map point colorsMyoungwoon Roy, Kim
Summary: evas_map_point_color_get returns wrong rgbs values always because of error label. Test Plan: Execute test suite Reviewers: raster, Hermet, cedric, jpeg, stefan_schmidt, Jaehyun_Cho Reviewed By: Jaehyun_Cho Differential Revision:
2018-04-24ecore pipe - fix windows to not segv on zero data in pipe thereCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-04-24elm - sel manager - build on windows AND x11 nowCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-04-24elementary: update progressbar doc.Hermet Park
update doc in up-to-dated efl_ui_progressbar APIs.
2018-04-23edje_lua2: add null checkYeongJong Lee
Summary: It need to check memory allocation failures Reviewers: Jaehyun_Cho Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision: Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2018-04-23elementary: Spurious EINA_UNUSED.Benjamin Jacobs
Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision: Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2018-04-23ecore_evas: forgotten refactoring of the buffer engine.Cedric BAIL
Thanks @jackdanielz for the report.
2018-04-23elementary: fix build on X11.Alastair Poole
2018-04-24ecore con - fix constness in eo api to match eo/eolian changesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-04-24elm - sel manager - fix windows build with selection varsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-04-23elementary bg: allow NULL pointers in legacy usageYoungbok Shin
Summary: It should not cause crash with NULL parameters. @fix Reviewers: woohyun, raster, cedric Reviewed By: woohyun, raster Differential Revision:
2018-04-23efl_ui_pager: Add Efl.Ui.Pager class and related classesJaeun Choi
Efl.Ui.Pager is a widget which contains many pages in a linear fashion and allows users to scroll through them. Users can attach Efl.Page.Transition and Efl.Page.Indicator to a pager.
2018-04-22Fix exit code setting for legacy applicationsDaniel Zaoui
The value must be given to eina_value_set and not a pointer to a Eina_Value. This bug results in always getting wrong exit code when the application terminates.
2018-04-21Genlist: visual test for item next/prev/first/lastDave Andreoli
Added 4 buttons to the "genlist group tree" to perform item next/prev/first/last. This test works correctly by reverting fd82c2521ebb but it still in contrast with the item_next() docs, that say item_next should not descend in item childs. I think that the docs is also wrong, as I never saw the behaviour that is explained there.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: reduce wayland display flushesDerek Foreman
Clean up various places where we do flushes that we don't need to because some immediately following action is going to cause a flush. Also fix places where we flush without actually doing anything.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Share same region between input and opaque when possibleDerek Foreman
If input and opaque region are the same (they usually are) we can use the same region for both.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Refactor region createDerek Foreman
Trivial refactor
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Make ecore_wl2_window_false_commit more robustDerek Foreman
False commit when a commit is already pending is an error, but for safety it should be a nop. Currently it would overwrite the existing frame callback which could cause problems on window destruction.
2018-04-20ee_wayland: Add some NULL checksDerek Foreman
These just protect against caller stupidity. Double register or double unregister shouldn't happen anyway.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Don't unmap buffers at unlockDerek Foreman
We should be using dmabuf sync ioctls instead of mmap/munmap every draw, this makes that happen. The surface code continues to do what its always done, and map/unlock.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Add ERR for buffer lock errorsDerek Foreman
Should never double lock or double unlock, this isn't refcounted, and probably doesn't need to be.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Add dma_buf lock/unlock ioctlsDerek Foreman
These should help with coherency later when we don't unmap for every surface post.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Add lock/unlock function pointers to buffersDerek Foreman
For backend specific lock/unlock behaviour
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Add ecore_wl2_buffer_lockDerek Foreman
Currently we're making mapping implicitly take a lock.
2018-04-20efl_ui_win: Remove _elm_win_opaque_updateDerek Foreman
This stuff is all in the wayland ecore_evas now, so elm no longer needs to handle it.
2018-04-20efl_ui_win: Remove special wayland opaque_dirty stuffDerek Foreman
This isn't necessary anymore as ecore_evas handles it internally now.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Don't do anything but update alpha in alpha_setDerek Foreman
This is now done in ecore_evas where it should be. alpha_set now does only what its name claims it does - sets whether a surface has an alpha channel or not.
2018-04-20ecore_evas_wayland: Handle region updates and alpha setting in engineDerek Foreman
Instead of having elm handle all this stuff, handle it in ee. This fixes a loooong standing bug where we would always use an alpha enabled surface because CSD needs shadows - even if we aren't drawing CSD.
2018-04-20efl_ui_win: Explicitly set alpha for wayland cursorsDerek Foreman
Instead of depending on the backend figuring it out.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Reconfigure window on alpha setDerek Foreman
This allows software renderers to reconfigure their buffers to actually change whether alpha is present.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Remove window_transparent_setDerek Foreman
This is exactly the same as alpha_set, so it really doesn't have much reason to exist.
2018-04-20ecore_evas_wayland: Replace transparent_set with alpha_setDerek Foreman
transparent_set is a legacy path that should do exactly what alpha_set does these days, so squash them into the same function.
2018-04-20ecore_evas_wayland: Remove content rectangle from engine dataDerek Foreman
It's no longer used.
2018-04-20efl_ui_win: stop updating wdata->contentDerek Foreman
We don't need this because we calculate it in ecore_evas from the shadow value and framespace.
2018-04-20ecore_evas_wayland: Calculate content size from shadow and framespaceDerek Foreman
Instead of using wdata->content, calculate these values.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2_dmabuf: Properly reconfigure on surface alpha changeDerek Foreman
When alpha changes we need to blow away all our buffers in reconfigure, even if they're still the right dimensions. Otherwise we can end up rendering to an XRGB buffer when we wanted to use ARGB and we won't have proper transparency.
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Add ecore_wl2_surface_alpha_get queryDerek Foreman
We'll need this for some surface modules to properly handle alpha changes