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2016-02-17Eldbus: Move more types to eldbus_types.eot.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Eldbus: Create eldbus_types.eot and start using it.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Evas canvas3d: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Eldbus model arguments: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Evas canvas3d mesh: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Eina types: add missing extern to matrix3 type.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Evas canvas3d texture: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Ecore con eet: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-17Evas font: allow ":fallbacks" keyword when Evas parses font keywordYoungbok Shin
2016-02-17evas/gl_x11: fix build warning related to the uninitialized valueJihoon Kim
2016-02-17eina log: print formatted string when log domain is invalidJean-Philippe Andre
2016-02-17tests: Fix evas 3d tests after previous commitJean-Philippe Andre
2016-02-17evas: Update evas_3d_utils, replace
2016-02-17evas: Update eina_vector, add new
2016-02-17ector gl: Use proper PRIx64 to print a uint64_tJean-Philippe Andre
2016-02-17eina: eina_array_free() now silently ignores NULLJean-Philippe Andre
2016-02-16ecore-x: Add safety checks for NULL _ecore_x_disp in dnd functionsChris Michael
2016-02-16Evas Text: Update text layout when ellipsis is changed without resizeYoungbok Shin
2016-02-16Ecore poller: Fix tests.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Ecore audio: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16eolian: verbose type warnings for EFL by defaultDaniel Kolesa
2016-02-16Ector renderer generic: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Evas box: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Efl gfx shape: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Efl gfx gradient: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Efl gfx spread: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Eio model: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Ecore poller: Fix Eolian warnings.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Ecore eolian: Ignore callback prototypes for now.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Efl tests: Fix running of tests.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Efl tests: Fix dangerous coding style.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Eeze test: Fix eeze test compilation.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-16Add efl_check.h to eina unit test files as Eina is mandatoryVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test reworkVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #20: EvasVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #19: Eolian_CxxVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #18: EolianVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #17: EoVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #16: EmileVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #15: EluaVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #14: ElDbus_CxxVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #13: ElDbusVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #12: EioVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #11: Eina_CxxVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #10: EinaVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #9: EfreetVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #7: EezeVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #6: Eet_CxxVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #6: EetVincent Torri
2016-02-16Test rework #5: EdjeVincent Torri