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2 dayseio_mon: separate dir/file concerns.HEADmasterAlastair Poole
As per ecore_file_monitor.
3 daysecore_file: Monitor file writes (kevent).Alastair Poole
Trigger ECORE_FILE_EVENT_MODIFIED on file write. @fix
7 dayselm - spinner - fix entry mysteriously hiding in paleditCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
some logic ws off in how to hide/show and handle visibility of swallowed entry. fix it - let edje deal with show/hide and dont fight with it and ensure we emit a signal to have entry active when it needs to be visible @fix
2021-11-11efl ui text - handle edje cc classes for textCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-11-10Eina: sanitize eina_path output on WindowsVincent Torri
Summary: * remove additional \ character * use only / as path separator Test Plan: compilation and run test program : ``` { elm_app_bin_dir_get(); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:tmp:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:home:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.desktop:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.documents:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.downloads:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.public:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.templates:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.videos:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.config:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.cache:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:usr.tmp:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:app.dir:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:app.bin:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:app.lib:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:app.locale:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:app.config:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:app.local:)/foo")); printf("%s\n", eina_vpath_resolve("(:app.tmp:)/foo")); } ``` before patch : ``` C:\Documents\msys2\tmp/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\Desktop/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\Documents/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\Downloads/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\Music/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\Pictures/foo C:\Users\Public\/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\Videos/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Local\/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Roaming\/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Local\/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Roaming/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Local\Temp/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/bin/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/bin/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/lib/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/share/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/share/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Roaming\/entice/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Local\/entice/foo C:\Users\vincent.torri\AppData\Local\Temp/entice/foo ``` after patch ``` C:/Documents/msys2/tmp/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/Desktop/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/Documents/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/Downloads/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/Music/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/Pictures/foo C:/Users/Public/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Templates/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/Videos/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Local/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Roaming/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Local/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Roaming/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Local/Temp/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/bin/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/bin/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/lib/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/share/foo C:/Documents/msys2/opt/entice_64/share/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Roaming/entice/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Local/entice/foo C:/Users/vincent.torri/AppData/Local/Temp/entice/foo ``` Reviewers: raster Reviewed By: raster Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-11-07eina vpath - fix trailing extra / after homeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fixes T8965 @fix
2021-11-07eina vpath - fix public vpath location - docs say say public not pubCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-11-04efl_canvas_image : remove the animated image limitationTaehyub Kim
Summary: remove FRAME_MAX limitation to play the huge animated image which has more than 1024 frames Test Plan: load gif image which has more than 1024 frames Reviewers: Hermet, kimcinoo Reviewed By: Hermet Subscribers: raster, cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-10-31elm - palette - add api to check if palette has a system versionCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-10-31edje + elm - add new explicit tracking of all cc's used in edj themesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
edje_cc now lists all cc's used in an edj file. edje provides an api to list this. elm now uses this api to expose a list of all cc's used acorss all the theme(s) selected by the user. this will then be used by paledit to produce a nicer gui with a list of available cc's to add etc. and split between basic and extended. @feat
2021-10-26Evas engines: remove last bits of evas_cserve2Vincent Torri
Reviewers: raster Reviewed By: raster Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-10-25evas - software x11 - remove unused xlib+egl code in sw x11Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this code is unused and just wastest space, compile time etc.
2021-10-25Evas: remove old xcb code in software_x11 codeVincent Torri
Summary: this backend code was for selecting XCB over Xlib. Now XCB is removed, this code is useless Reviewers: raster Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-10-25eet - fix bug I added in optimization patch in unusual code pathCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fixes bug in d08bb7425552853eba6e1c27a33021741b7cb9b1 in fallback code path.
2021-10-23eet - optimize eet dictionary buildingCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this massively speeds up efreet's icon cache building for huge icon themes... in my nasty test case of some insanely huge icon themes that have like 50,000 - 100,000 files... each - and multiple where the icon cache has to scan all of them and build the cache files... i see a speedup of going from 80 seconds to build down to 15-16 seconds. so over 5 times faster. This builds the dictionary in a temporary eina superfast string hash in ram and then just before writing flattens it out into a regular eet dict format. @opt
2021-10-18elm theme - final cc work for elm code cc'sCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-10-18tests: enhance evas_map testShinwoo Kim
Reviewers: raster, Hermet Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-10-12tests: add evas_map testShinwoo Kim
Reviewers: raster, Hermet Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-10-05exactness: Fix compiler warning of uninitialized variableChristopher Michael
Compiler is warning us here that ex_img has not been initialized after being malloc'd, so let's initialize it
2021-10-05evas - loader - rsvg - work around rsvg now returning 0 sized dimsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
also work around rsvg now returning a 0 em/ex values for dimensions too. rsvg 2.52 brought us this fun. @fix
2021-10-03ecore anim - just for paranoia also cancel the threadCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
we send -1 to say exit to the thread but also cancel thread too with ecore "in case"
2021-09-26emotion - properly track subtitle mute state and init emotion obj earlyCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fix setting things on an emotion obj early bu initting engine early and also track spu mute flags to set on pipe later @fix
2021-09-22Ensure we check for the correct minimum rsvg version for ↵Joshua Strobl
rsvg_handle_get_intrinsic_size_in_pixels In commit cbcf5bc64a90306c82f0eb99ae43b5f52c122f71, newer librsvg APIs were used that are not available in versions between 2.36.0 and 2.50.0, e.g. rsvg_handle_get_intrinsic_size_in_pixels which was included in 2.51.x. This has been resolved by adding a HAVE_SVG_2_51 and using it for both rsvg_handle_get_intrinsic_size_in_pixels and rsvg_handle_render_document, though the later technically landed in 2.46.0. Reviewed-by: Christopher Michael <> Differential Revision:
2021-09-21eina-test: Fix unchecked return valueChristopher Michael
Coverity CID1401015 complains about an unchecked return value here, so let's check that fread actually succeeded (return > 0). Fixes CID1401015 @fix
2021-09-21evas-pdf: Properly set return value before cleanup is calledChristopher Michael
Coverity CID1437717 tells us that this code is unreachable (obviously), so let's set the return value Before we go to cleanup. Fixes CID1437717 @fix
2021-09-21evas-rsvg: Update rsvg code to not use deprecated functionsChristopher Michael
A few of the functions used in this code have been deprecated in the latest librsvg. This patch fixes the deprecated warnings by using possible. NB: As I am no cairo expert, someone may want to check that the proper dimensions are used in read_svg_data function. I was not sure if this should be using the 'scaled' dimensions or not.
2021-09-21evas-rsvg: Minor formatting fixesChristopher Michael
2021-09-20evas_map: use source size for uv instead of proxy sizeShinwoo Kim
Summary: Usually application sets uv point value using proxy object size. if source object is bigger than proxy object, then only part of source image is used for map, and it leads to unexpected result. This patch is solving this problem make map use source object size instead of proxy object size by comparing both size. Test Plan: [Samle Code] {F4606414} [Sample Image] {F4606413} [Before apply map] {F4606418} [After apply map WITHOUT patch] {F4606416} [After apply map WITH patch] {F4606417} Reviewers: raster, Hermet Reviewed By: raster Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-09-06evas - gl x11 - dont crearte eglimage multiple times in same frameCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
if we're rendering in multiple scissor regions/updates - dont create the eglimage multiple times for each bind+pass - only once for that frame.
2021-09-06eo - make no_anon EO_API for test suiteCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-09-06efl mem - every mmap anon - allow envv ar to turn it off to be mallocCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
helps with memory debug to use libc mallocs/callocs etc. set EFL_NO_MMAP_ANON env var to anything to stop anon mmaps
2021-09-06code: add simple shell syntax highlighting.Alastair Poole
2021-09-05elm - map widget - empty out and clean out code and tests - brokenCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
elm map has been broken for a long time now sue to upstream web api changes/breaks made by openstreetmaps. this isn't sustainable to have code do this. since it's broken there is little point keeping code for something that is totally non-functional, so reduce code, document it as broken and remove tests. at least symbols remain so no missing symbols and code using it will end up with an empty non-functional widget (much like they would without these changes anyway). @feat
2021-09-05Elm Config: adapt elm_config scale on HiDPI devices on WindowsVincent Torri
Summary: with HiDPI monitor (like 4k ones), the size of the windows are upsized with the Windows algo. The result leads to blocky font rendering for exemple. Set the scale in elm_config according to the values of the scale. Test Plan: elm test with a text Reviewers: raster Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-09-05evas - gl - ensure surfaces are 0 when destroyedCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
easier on debugging when we know that we destroyed them already
2021-09-03Evil: improve timer resolution of timers and waitersVincent Torri
Test Plan: running the efl since several months without problem Reviewers: raster Reviewed By: raster Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-09-03ecore-x - add force refresh call to randr apiCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-08-30fix if state formattingali-alzyod
2021-08-30Content Fit Enhancmentali-alzyod
Summary: Allow user to get currently used font size when Text Fitting is enabled. previously, the user can not know what is current font size, he only specifies font size ranges, and the algorithm internally decides suitable font size. with this change, the user has the ability to know the font size, that the fitting algorithm has picked Reviewers: raster Subscribers: raster, cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-08-29elm theme - more ccCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-08-16edje cc lookup - fix to proper path fallback - mis-lookups fixedCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-08-13efl ui focus - unbork focus from noise fix previous commitCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-08-11elm focus stuff - just handle corner cases during tree deletes quietlyCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
like if parent is null in the process of a tree deletion etc....
2021-08-09elm - config - support coarse palette entires with colonCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-08-09edje - fix up colorclass lookups to always be recrusvie nowCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-08-09edje - we can't rely on string ptr coming from eet file anymore...Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-08-09pdf loader - also handle non-small letter extnsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-07-28evas gl: bind texture with external target for mapShinwoo Kim
Summary: egl images created using tbm surface for native surface set use GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNA_OES as texture target, so we should bind to this target when rendering. Or there is a GL_INVALID_OPERATION error on glBindTexture in function _orig_shader_array_flush. Thia patch follows logic of following commit; 7db0e20 evas/gl: Bind texture with external target for tbm surface Reviewers: Hermet, raster, jsuya, herb Reviewed By: Hermet Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2021-07-14eldbus: fix to dbus_name_to_c methodMarcel Hollerbach
"-" in names should be converted to _
2021-07-14Revert "eldbus: do not generate method names with - in name"Marcel Hollerbach
This reverts commit 364cc9dcba7e1a03403bb52ebc2609fa5fb7f7e8. Not for master yet