BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/ami/nstateintroduce nstate widget and inherit check & radio from itAmitesh Singh4 years
devs/ami/rangeslider: rename APIsAmitesh Singh4 years
devs/devilhorns/ecore_drm2elementary: Port elementary to use Ecore_Drm2 libraryChris Michael4 years
devs/herdsman/interface_nextLabel: fix 'unused' warningDaniel Hirt4 years
devs/herdsman/widgets_nextEntry: refactor theme logicDaniel Hirt4 years
devs/jpeg/smooth_scalingedc/button: Use linear scaling for buttonsJean-Philippe Andre4 years
devs/jypark/workMerge branch 'devs/jypark/work' of git+ssh:// Park4 years
devs/youngbok/interface_nextEntry: Support wrap_width concept for elm_label_wrap_width_* APIsYoungbok Shin4 years
elementary-1.17lib: remove *.eo.h files from includesub_HEADERSRomain Naour4 years
masterElm_image: remove Elm_Image_Orient and orient property from EO.Ji-Youn Park4 years
v1.17.1commit d2c060e4e5...Stefan Schmidt4 years
v1.17.0commit b785b920e6...Stefan Schmidt4 years
v1.17.0-beta3commit bdc256b2df...Stefan Schmidt4 years
v1.17.0-beta2commit 0099187e8c...Stefan Schmidt4 years
v1.17.0-beta1commit 2d31ab1640...Stefan Schmidt5 years
v1.17.0-alpha1commit f761a440ad...Stefan Schmidt5 years
v1.16.1commit 54785a02c4...Daniel Juyung Seo5 years
v1.15.3commit dd937657a4...Daniel Juyung Seo5 years
v1.16.0commit db3eba4490...Stefan Schmidt5 years
v1.16.0-beta3commit ed5579bc50...Stefan Schmidt5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-03-27elm_prefs: Properly listen to property change event on assynchronous operationsdevs/felipealmeida/elm_prefs_modelGuilherme Lepsch
2015-03-25elm_prefs: Listen to Emodel events.Guilherme Lepsch
2015-03-25elm_prefs: Possibility to connect a prefs 'page:item' to a property; Included...Guilherme Lepsch
2015-03-24elm_prefs: EFL Data Model (Emodel) integration (WIP).Guilherme Lepsch
2015-03-23examples: fix optional resultGuilherme Lepsch
2015-03-23elementary-cxx: fix missing dependencyGuilherme Lepsch
2015-03-19elmview: refactory do new emodel apiLarry Jr
2015-03-19update to new emodel API and resolved treeview expand incorrect clearLarry Jr
2015-03-19fixed box_cxx_example color_setLarry Jr
2015-03-19Created Views for Emodel MVC.Larry Jr