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authorDaniel Hirt <>2016-03-17 14:56:02 +0200
committerYoungbok Shin <>2016-03-22 14:30:46 +0900
commit3e66d592f1355634ed28313daa301cf50ba5ca22 (patch)
parent931823d4d948be77faa1cc056671f6142cf44fee (diff)
Entry: Move theming back to ctor and update sizes only when finalized
Moving back the theming code to the ctor. We defer all calculation until the finalization stage. This not only prevent redundant calculation calls during the construction stage, but also handles properly additional setup from the user side during eo_add, for example: Eo *entry = eo_add(ELM_ENTRY_CLASS, parent, elm_obj_entry_single_line_set(eo_self, EINA_FALSE));
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/src/lib/elm_entry.c b/src/lib/elm_entry.c
index 12b00199a..6a87a868d 100644
--- a/src/lib/elm_entry.c
+++ b/src/lib/elm_entry.c
@@ -3869,6 +3869,7 @@ _elm_entry_eo_base_constructor(Eo *obj, Elm_Entry_Data *_pd EINA_UNUSED)
3869EOLIAN static Eo * 3869EOLIAN static Eo *
3870_elm_entry_eo_base_finalize(Eo *obj, Elm_Entry_Data *_pd) 3870_elm_entry_eo_base_finalize(Eo *obj, Elm_Entry_Data *_pd)
3871{ 3871{
3872 elm_layout_text_set(obj, "elm.text", "");
3872 _entry_theme_apply(obj, _pd); 3873 _entry_theme_apply(obj, _pd);
3873 return obj; 3874 return obj;
3874} 3875}