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Rajeev Ranjan(in India) made a patch for elm_button.
Reasons for this patch are as follows. 1. Clicked signal is emitted from button when mouse release region coincides with button region and there has not been any drag outside the region during pressed state. (theme change) 2. Unpressed signal is emitted from button every time we press on button and unpress it irrespective of whether we unpress in button's region or outside. (theme change) 3. The unsetting of maximum size hint has been removed from _sizing_eval function as there is a possibility that some application may set this hint and if we unset it then this information set by application will be lost. 4. Modification in test code for button to show the difference between clicked and unpressed signal emission from this widget. Added a scroller in the heirarchy to show the effect of hold on clicked signal emission. SVN revision: 55687
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