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3 This is not a legal notice, so do not treat it as one. This is
4intended as "plain English" advice for the average person to ensure
5they comply with licenses in this software in the most simple way. It takes
6the position of "comply with the MOST restrictive license in this
7software and then you will comply with all." If you have any doubts,
8please consult the full license COPYING files and a lawyer. Take this
9as a rough guide.
11The simple advice
13 Do this and you won't go too wrong.
151. Provide the content of ALL of the COPYING and AUTHORS
16files as printed material with your product and/or in a dialog (e.g.
17an "about" dialog) in your product user interface.
182. Provide a URL from which to be able to download "tar files" with
19ALL of the source of Elementary exactly as it was when used to compile the
20binaries for your product that ships Elementary. Keep this URL valid for the
21lifetime of the product.
223. If you made changes to Elementary it would be appreciated if you
23interacted with us (see ) and provided the
24changes you made in patch form BEFORE you ship a product, so they may
25be reviewed to see if you have made any mistakes and perhaps have
26created problems you do not know of yet.
30Q. Where is the licensing information?
31A. See the COPYING file here in this directory. This is the proper legal
32information you will need.
34Q. Do I need to make the source public of libraries or applications that I
35build on top of Elementary?
36A. No. Even the default theme is public domain, whihc means you can
37make your own by copying it and starting from there, and you may
38license your copied variation any way you like.
40Q. Do I need to provide the source for Elementary?
41A. Yes. In general you do. If you are shipping any of the binaries or
42libraries that are produced, you must provide the EXACT source code
43used to build those binaries. So stick to doing this and you'll be fine.
45Q. If I have to provide source, how should I do this?
46A. The best way is to provide a reference in an "about" dialog in the
47product that ships the Elementary libraries/tools that gives a URL from
48which the source can be downloaded EXACTLY as you used to compile Elementary.
49You may not simply point to upstream repositories and pass the problem
50to someone else. You MUST provide the source exactly as used.
52 You MAY also provide the source code itself on the product itself
53(e.g. on its filesystem) (provide the tar archives of the source), or in
54place of a download link if you do not believe you will be able to
55maintain that download link for the lifetime of the product.
57 You MAY also (or instead of the above 2) provide the source on media
58(CD, DVD, flash etc.) that accompany the product.
60 Choose 1 or more of the above methods and you will be fine.
62Q. Do I need to reproduce the license information in the COPYING file?
63A. Yes. You must provide these with your product, and just like the
64source code, provide them as part of the user interface in full (e.g.
65in a dialog), or as files in the filesystem, on actual printed
66material (manuals, papers) that accompany the product or in CD, DVD
67etc. media.