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elm_slider: Step set/get API additions.
Issue: As step size was hard coded in the widget, when slider indicator is dragged using a key event or during accessibility the value was not exactly incremented/decremented instead same value was shown more than1 time/values were skipped. Solution: Two APIs added which will set/get step size. Reviewer: SeoZ Reviewer Comment: This is a manual merge of D293 due to arc issue on Shilpa. I modified some codes from her original code. She'll use arc next time. fixed documentation fixed typos. fixed indentation used macro added some guide codes. removed unnecessary empty line. updated NEWS and ChangeLog.
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17312013-10-30 Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ) 17312013-10-30 Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)
1732 1732
1733 * conform: Added "virtualkeypad,size,changed" callback on virtualkeypad min size change. 1733 * conform: Added "virtualkeypad,size,changed" callback on virtualkeypad min size change.
17352013-10-30 Shilpa Onkar Singh
1737 * slider: Added elm_slider_step_get(), elm_slider_step_set().