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authorChunEon Park <hermet@hermet.pe.kr>2013-11-22 19:48:24 +0900
committerChunEon Park <hermet@hermet.pe.kr>2013-11-22 19:48:24 +0900
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parentelementary/mapbuf - set NULL if the content is empty. (diff)
elementary/mapbuf - reset the mapbuf correctly when the content is removed(unset)
When the content is removed(or unset) the mapbuf didn't clean up the some stuff such as removing event callback for the content. So the unset content would be tracked still by mapbuf dangling callbacks.
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2013-11-05 Amitesh Singh (_ami_)
* hoversel: Added focus support on hoversel items.
+2013-11-22 ChunEon Park (Hermet)
+ * mapbuf: reset the mapbuf internals correctly when the content is
+ removed(unset)