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efl-js: JavaScript Eolian binding
To configure elementary sources with bindings to use in nodejs add ––with-js=nodejs in configure flags in EFL compilation to generate node files, then compile elementary normally: path/to/efl$ configure --with-js=nodejs path/to/efl$ make path/to/efl$ make install path/to/elm$ configure path/to/efl$ make path/to/efl$ make install To use, you have to require elm: elm = require('elm') The bindings is divided in two parts: generated and manually written. The generation uses the Eolian library for parsing Eo files and generate C++ code that is compiled against V8 interpreter library to create a elm.node file that can be required in a node.js instance. @feature
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--- a/Makefile_Eolian_Cxx_Helper.am
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ AM_V_EOLCXX = $(am__v_EOLCXX_@AM_V@)
am__v_EOLCXX_ = $(am__v_EOLCXX_@AM_DEFAULT_V@)
am__v_EOLCXX_0 = @echo " EOLCXX " $@;
-SUFFIXES += .eo.hh
+SUFFIXES += .eo.hh .eo.impl.hh
%.eo.impl.hh %.eo.hh: %.eo $(_EOLIAN_CXX_DEP)