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elementary: add thaw/freeze to Elm_Layout and use it in Elm_Calendar.
NOTE: This improve calendar performance quite a lot, but a better improvement would be to populate the object when we really need it. I don't know how to do that in current Elementary source code. Reason for another expected massive improvement is that every time you set a property on an Elm_Calendar trigger a populate and that one is costly (Around 6 populates call per Elm_Calendar in our code example, meaning doing it could give us a 6 times boost...). SVN revision: 74553
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31Improvements: 31Improvements:
32 32
33 * Allocate once and reuse Evas_Map. 33 * Allocate once and reuse Evas_Map.
34 * Allow freeze/thaw on Elm_Layout and reduce number of object update.
34 35
35Removal: 36Removal:
36 37