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parentelm genlist.h: Added more description about elm_genlist_homogeneous_set. (diff)
naviframe improvements:
- fixed theme to look less like an arse: - overlap theme is translucent - naviframe title visibility toggle is now animated - item pop/push animation now applies to title area as well - icon without title label is now centered (see Naviframe 2 test) - title label and subtitle are now centered among the free space, should not overlap buttons anymore. - title will use a font-size range, trying to not overlap buttons anymore. - title will use ellipsis, trying to not overlap buttons anymore. - prev/next buttons do not have a fixed min/max size anymore - emit signals elm,state,title_label,show and elm,state,title_label,hide - by default the previous button label is the title of the previous page however by using a regular elm_button with an icon and long label exposes a bug with button theme. And there is a conceptual issue: if the previous button label is too big, it will look horrible. We should have a maximum size that, if reached, should have ellipsis. This should be a different elm_button style, with elm/button/base/naviframe/back_btn/default being an alias to it. SVN revision: 74403
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default.edj: Makefile $(EXTRA_DIST)