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Elementary support for EWS, with simplistic window manager.
This contains a very simple and stupid window manager to be used in FB, PS3 or similar single-window engines. Everybody is welcome to improve it, particularly: * Edje: better border decoration theme * Edje: nice background * C + Edje: taskbar with minimized items. * C + Edje: find a better protocol to determine window size, accounting border decoration without account shadow! Right now I'm taking everything :-P * C: window management keys (Alt+F4 and like) How to use: export ELM_ENGINE=ews How to configure backing store: export ECORE_EVAS_EWS=engine:x:y:w:h:options Example: {{{ export ECORE_EVAS_EWS=software_x11:0:0:1024:768 export ELM_ENGINE=ews elementary_test }}} Bugs: maybe many, but so far seems it wouldn't take mouse events for secondary windows. Will check it later. SVN revision: 63849
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arrow_down.png \
arrow_up.png \
bar_shine.png \