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authorRajeev Ranjan <rajeev.r@samsung.com>2012-03-05 23:51:56 +0000
committerCarsten Haitzler <raster@rasterman.com>2012-03-05 23:51:56 +0000
commit9485962f9e4ee00b5bdae89a5e62729b8f0eab4c (patch)
tree44e5bf02eb6b6ddbd8d0492e0938a2807304a6c9 /data/themes/default.edc
parentAdd overlay_list_get and extension_list_get, and use them in elm_web to corre... (diff)
From: Rajeev Ranjan <rajeev.r@samsung.com>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Elementary: New custom widget Popup Hi All, Attached to the mail is the patch for a new custom elementary widget elm_popup for your review. Change description: New custom widget Popup added. elm_popup is an enhancement over elm_notify widget with widely used parts such as Title, Content and Action Buttons. Items are supported as well and they are put inside the content area which can have either an Evas Object/Set of items/Description text. SVN revision: 68747
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diff --git a/data/themes/default.edc b/data/themes/default.edc
index 5111d77b9..d8e937e18 100644
--- a/data/themes/default.edc
+++ b/data/themes/default.edc
@@ -366,6 +366,7 @@ collections {
#include "widgets/video.edc"
#include "widgets/naviframe.edc"
#include "widgets/multibuttonentry.edc"
+#include "widgets/popup.edc"
#include "ews.edc"
#include "widgets/pointer.edc"