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From: myoungwoon kim <>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Ecore, Elementary: Supporting indicator opacity mode This is Myoungwoon Roy Kim. This patches are for supporting the indicator's opacity mode and made by Jeonhoon Park( who is responsible for Indicator application. Requirements: - In mobile device, Indicator area should be displayed as Opacity, Transparency, or sometimes Translucency according to the UX requirements. This requirement can be applied in case of fullscreen based menu and fullscreen applications like video player etc. Functional requirements: 1. User can set indicator's opacity mode as opacity, transparency, and translucency 2. User can get the current indicator's opacity mode. Currently there are no APIs for supporting the upper functional requirements. Thus, he added support for indicator's opacity mode. It is designed for EFL developers easily to set the indicator's opacity like the existing indicator's mode. He added a Elm_Win_Indicator_Opacity_Mode structure variable into Elm_Win structure. Meanwhile, new two APIs are implemented independently from the existing source code. Anybody please review this and apply it to upstream code. SVN revision: 68959
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62widgets/map.edc \ 62widgets/map.edc \
63widgets/scroller.edc \ 63widgets/scroller.edc \
64widgets/pointer.edc \ 64widgets/pointer.edc \
65widgets/datetime.edc \
66widgets/dayselector.edc \
67widgets/popup.edc \
65ews.edc \ 68ews.edc \
66arrow_down.png \ 69arrow_down.png \
67arrow_up.png \ 70arrow_up.png \