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parentf5871b196891bb4151cc72d5c4f343ac278546ba (diff) Set ELM_DISPLAY to bring the elm shot engine back to life
As a small fallout from e7dbe063c9c044f072bacafd31ab872f6210788b we now need to set ELM_DISPLAY with our system has something like $DISPLAY or $WAYLAND_DISPLAY set. Elm uses that now to find out which window system to use. In the case of daing make doc we want it forced to shot even if we run under X. With ELM_DISPLAY we do that. Thanks goes to raster for the explanantion and git bisect for pinning it down.
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8export ELM_THEME=default 8export ELM_THEME=default
9export ELM_SCALE=1.0 9export ELM_SCALE=1.0
10export ELM_ENGINE=shot:delay=3:file=$DIR/$FILE 10export ELM_ENGINE=shot:delay=3:file=$DIR/$FILE
11export ELM_DISPLAY=shot
11export ILLUME_KBD=0,0,240,123 12export ILLUME_KBD=0,0,240,123
12export ILLUME_IND=0,0,240,32 13export ILLUME_IND=0,0,240,32
13export ILLUME_STK=0,288,240,32 14export ILLUME_STK=0,288,240,32