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parentatspi: add missing SELECTED changed signals (diff)
win : Prohibiting auto-rendering, until elm_win is shown.
Summary: Although elm_win is only created and evas_object_show with elm_win is not called, evas_rendering works sometimes. This rendering is not necessary. Because on one is shown and just back buffer is allocated. This patch is the prohibiting auto-rendering, if elm_win is shown by calling evas_object_show() It is effective for power consumption and reducing memory. @fix Test Plan: 1. elementary_test : checking all menus's working 2. modifed bg_example_02 : updated elm_bg's color by animator without evas_object_show(elm_win) Reviewers: jpeg, jypark, raster Reviewed By: raster Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D3282
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