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[elm] Introducing a new widget, along with its infrastructure -- prefs.
The prefs widgets aims to aid with the implementation of preference/configuration windows/UI elements in Elementary-based applications (think of Enlightenment configuration dialogs, elementary_config, etc). Prefs is a widget that populates its view with widgets bound to data types (following the instructions of a ".epb" file that describes a set of items) and handles the storage/restoration of such data on a configuration file automatically. There's also the prefs_data handle, which is the one dealing with user saved data for a given epb defaults set. The documentation on the new widget is rich (we have examples and even an EPC reference) and there's a new test entry for it. I'm blogging about it soon, with screeshots and more details. Enjoy. ps.: This is a team work by Murilo Belluzzo, Ricardo de Almeida and me. SVN revision: 79909
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