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2015-10-06settingspane: cleanup codedevs/bu5hm4n/settingswidgetMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-06elm_settingspane: this hack is not needed anymore.Marcel Hollerbach
2015-10-06settingspane: remove changed/apply/resetMarcel Hollerbach
as raster said, not needed.
2015-10-05settingspane: remove delete functionMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspane: Drop out parentMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspane: Fix code :)Marcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05elementary: Try to fix docsMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05elm_settings_pane: cleanup correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05elm_settingspane: fix against (latest) eolian changesMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspanel: those things are called in both casesMarcel Hollerbach
so they can be called once before the if
2015-10-05settingspane: we should use stringshares hereMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspane: Make the navbar clickableMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspane: handle icons betterMarcel Hollerbach
Icons are handled better because of the new file and group attribute
2015-10-05settingspane: updated config to the latest changes.Marcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspane: shorted append methodMarcel Hollerbach
The append method is now shorter, and you can add the image and description when you want and need to do.
2015-10-05settingspane: update to the latest stringshare changesMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05Settingspanel: fix warningsMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspanel: refactored realizing codeMarcel Hollerbach
item calls to realize and unrealizing are showing or unshowing the item, which reduces the number of lines and makes the code much more readable.
2015-10-05Settingspanel: removed usage of evas_object_data_setMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingswidget: use char instead of eina stringshare.Marcel Hollerbach
Its more usable if you just can pass "...,..." instead of eina_stringshare_add("...,...").
2015-10-05elmementary_config: Ported config window to the settingspanel widgetMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05Updated to eo changesMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspanel: content is not longer deleted directlyMarcel Hollerbach
Deletion of the content is scheduled, and done after a transition is done.
2015-10-05settingswidget: pass group and file instead of a evas_objectMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingswidget: added a swallowpartMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingspanel: Improved documentationMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingswidget: Added new api call recreateMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05Settingspane: made the api more usableMarcel Hollerbach
adding a string "bal,bla2,bla2" makes it easier for translations than adding single words.
2015-10-05settingswidget test: added <br> to tooltips.Marcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingswidget test: Added a buttom to test delete items.Marcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingswidget: Remove invalid eo objects from menu item.Marcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingswidget: Added new api call to get focused itemMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05settingswidget: cleaned up the themeMarcel Hollerbach
2015-10-05New widget, SettingspaneMarcel Hollerbach
Added a new widget called Settingspane, it can display settingscategorys and panels. For more information:
2015-10-05theme: Added a new button styleMarcel Hollerbach
Button looking like a arrow
2015-10-05theme: added a new genlist themeMarcel Hollerbach
the items are looking more flat with that.
2015-10-05theme: added a new ctxpopup styleMarcel Hollerbach
a style where no arrows are shown arround the widget.
2015-10-04Genlist: only get item data if needed.Tom Hacohen
Moved the data fetching to be after the tests. This doesn't really matter and is mostly there to silence coverity. Coverity was complaining about "it" being dereferenced before the null check (implicit in EO_OBJ), so reordering it will fix it. CID 1040000
2015-10-04config: fix NULL access on invalid config loadingCedric BAIL
CID 1308381
2015-10-04elm_hover: delay hover dismiss while handling edje signalJee-Yong Um
Summary: elm_hover_dismiss() doesn't hide hover directly, but sends signal only. It can be translated that "dismiss" do not hide hover only, but handles some works. (EDC program, callbacks etc.) However, "dismiss" sends signals after hide hover itself, so following edje signals are ignored. (Hover cannot be seen already!) This patch makes hover dismiss delayed while handling edje signal. @fix Test Plan: elementary_test hover2 Reviewers: Hermet, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: woohyun Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-10-04elc_naviframe: fix crash in strcmp, if text_set is NULL issueShilpa Singh
Summary: Issue: If text set is NULL to naviframe, crash happens in strcmp Soln: Check for text if NULL, before passing to strcmp @fix Test Plan: //Pass the text as NULL elm_object_part_text_set(nf, "title", NULL); Reviewers: Hermet, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-10-04elm_hoversel: add elm_hoversel_label_auto_changed_set/get() APIJee-Yong Um
Summary: Hoversel can be used like dropdown or pulldown menu. In that case, changing hoversel label into selected item lable can be considered as common usage of hoversel. This API automatizes changing label. Reviewers: SanghyeonLee, Hermet, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-10-04elm_hoversel: refine hoversel scrollability functionJee-Yong Um
Summary: Some modifications for hoversel scrollability are applied. For example, The logic for generating scroller is changed. (newly added during activation) If hoversel's contents are larger than hover,they will be resized to fit hover. If hoversel is moved (by window rotation etc.), scroller will be resized. Reduandant code are removed from popup for scrollability. Test Plan: You can see the sample for scrollable hoversel in second one of "elementary_test hoversel". Reviewers: Hermet, SanghyeonLee, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: godlytalias, Hermet Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-10-04elm_video: port eo_event callbacks to use eo_event arraysVivek Ellur
Summary: Changed eo_event_callback_add to use eo_event_callback_array_add in elm_video.c Signed-off-by: Vivek Ellur <> Reviewers: cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-10-02atspi: add translation domain for name and description.Lukasz Stanislawski
2015-10-02atspi: properly set parent.Lukasz Stanislawski
Set proper atspi parents in cases when AT-SPI object tree structure should be different then elementary tree (mostly in cases of elm_widget_items) Add regression tests for those cases.
2015-10-02widget_item: emit atspi children-changed only for non-destroyed parent.Lukasz Stanislawski
2015-10-02atspi: fix state macros after extending Elm_Atspi_State_Type.Lukasz Stanislawski
2015-10-02atspi: encapsulate common behaviour in atspi mixin class.Lukasz Stanislawski
This patch moves some duplicated implementation from elm_widget and elm_widget_item classes into atspi base mixin. It allows to better share code and reduce maintainability. Change-Id: I8d264661e7ffade7da72299f29075a536d71eaa3
2015-10-02Revert "elm_calendar: weekdays do not get translated when language is ..."Tom Hacohen
As agreed on the ML, eina_tmpstr_strftime() should be removed. This reverts commit 10b94fb1409487e256a01b3c45ff5a9cd9f678da.