AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-11elm_cursor: don't include Ecore_Cocoa_Cursor.h (deleted in EFL)devs/jayji/osxJean Guyomarc'h
2016-02-10eolian helper: add --silent-types to mirror EFLDaniel Kolesa
2016-02-09elementary: Use new object name "Elm.Widget_Item" instead of old nameVitor Sousa
2016-02-09Elm_Image: moved undefined types to eolian fileLarry
2016-02-09elm win: replace Evas_Modifier_Mask by Evas.Modifier.Mask in elm_win.eoVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elm genlist: use Eolian conventions for Elm.List.Mode in elm_genlist.eoVitor Sousa
2016-02-09Elm.Map: move emun Zoom Mode, Source Type and Route Type to EolianLarry
2016-02-09move enum e structs defines of elm_atspi_text to eolianLarry
2016-02-09elementary: move types to elm_interface_atspi_accessible.eoVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elm_glview: move enums to eolian filesLarry
2016-02-09elm_gesture_layer: move enums to .eoLarry
2016-02-09elm gengrid: replace Ecore_Pos_Map with Ecore.Pos_Map in elm_gengrid.eoVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elementary: move definition of Elm_Glob_Match_Flags to elm_general.eotVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elementary: use the Eolian name for Elm.Genlist.Item.Type in .eo filesVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elementary: move definition of Elm_Gen_Item_Class to elm_general.eotVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elm_calendar,elm_datetime: move struct tm typedefs to .eo filesVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elementary: move definition of Elm_App_View_State to elm_general.eotVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elm gengrid: fix Elm.Gengrid.Item.Scrollto_Type usage in .eo fileVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elm entry: Move the declaration of Elm_Cnp_Mode to elm_entry.eoVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elementary: Rename Elm_Icon_Type to Elm.Icon.Type in .eo filesVitor Sousa
2016-02-09elementary: rename classes in Eo files to use Elm as a namespace, not a prefixVitor Sousa
2016-02-05theme: fix typo for adding background in ctxpopupStefan Schmidt
2016-02-05button: add elm.swallow.background partSungTaek Hong
2016-02-05button: remove unnecessary action in programSungTaek Hong
2016-02-05popup: add elm.swallow.background for background customizetaehyub
2016-02-05ctxpopup: add elm.swallow.backgournd for backgournd customizetaehyub
2016-02-05genlist: remove dead code.Cedric BAIL
2016-02-05win: fix a possible crash in elm_win_addYoungbok Shin
2016-02-05elm: add Elm.Layout as edje externals' contents instead of Edje.ObjectJee-Yong Um
2016-02-05genlist: fix for a bug in tree expansion, T3132Godly T Alias
2016-02-05transit: add possibility to revert an ongoing transition during playGodly T Alias
2016-02-05hoversel: improve key_action_move to handle disabled itemsJee-Yong Um
2016-02-05combobox: prevent empty swallow to be shown on hover_dismiss animationdivyesh purohit
2016-02-05multibuttonentry: fix Segfault on pressing Delete Keydivyesh purohit
2016-02-05entry: remove unnecessary variablesThiep Ha
2016-02-05Elm_Entry: Magnifier Not working properly on corner areas issue fix.Shilpa Singh
2016-02-04genlist: update all realized items in a single jobAmitesh Singh
2016-02-03js: Added layout exampleFelipe Magno de Almeida
2016-02-03js: Added combobox class to JavaScript bindingdivyesh purohit
2016-02-03calendar.edc: fix typo in text styleVitalii Vorobiov
2016-02-02elementary: update mailmap addressesChris Michael
2016-02-02panel: no need for destructor anymore as the event handler will disappear in ...Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02genlist: make automatic bounce test configurable.Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02naviframe: switch to use animator,tick.Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02genlist: switch to efl.core.animator tick.Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02tests: switch anim test to Efl.Core.Animator tick.Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02map: use Efl.Core.Animator tick.Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02photocam: switch to use efl.core.animator.Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02interface_scrollable: drop use of ecore_animator in favor of efl.core.animato...Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02scroller: prevent the use of uninitialized data in some case.Cedric BAIL