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2014-03-05Enhancement: #define names for text colorsSimon Lees
Summary: Previously text colors were specfied in the form color: XXX XXX XXX AAA throughout all the edc files, eg color: 255 255 255 255 this made it imposible to write a script to change text colors with sed as it changed many other parts of the theme as well. Some colors had been defined in fonts.edc and in some places these were used but not many. This change means that all non textblock font colors are defined in fonts.edc and the defined names are used throughout the entire code base. This means that sed only needs to be run on 1 file to change the text color or it is easy to do manually textblock colors were not done for 2 reasons 1. They hadn't been done in the past so there was no standard for me to follow. 2. They are all specified in html notation eg #FFFFFF which means that they can be changed with sed without effecting the rest of the theme. If a standard can be come up with for doing this and people think it is worthwhile i can probably fix them at a later date Reviewers: raster, zmike Reviewed By: raster CC: seoz Differential Revision: Conflicts: data/themes/edc/battery.edc data/themes/edc/xkbswitch.edc
2014-03-05naviframe: Emit visible signal to edc theme when first item is pushedJaehyun Cho
Summary: Emit "elm,state,visible" "elm" signal to edc file when first item is pushed. Above signal can be used if an application wants to do something when the first view is shown on the screen. @fix Reviewers: Hermet, seoz, raster CC: seoz, raster Differential Revision:
2014-03-04list: Do not call unnecessary external API.Daniel Juyung Seo
We already know the internals so make it optimized by using internal data.
2014-03-04list: Check NULL before calling _elm_list_item_unfocused.Daniel Juyung Seo
unfocusing NULL item is nonsense. NULL needs to be checked before calling item unfocus function.
2014-03-04diskselector_example_02: Added 'selected' callback usage.Daniel Juyung Seo
This reveals the diskselector bug that the GUI is not updated even after the selected item is changed. Click "Delete item" button to test it.
2014-03-03diskselector: Remove unreachable codesJaeun Choi
Summary: The soon to be deleted item 'it' is removed from the list at line 356. So the first item of the list can never be the same one with it, which means else statement is unreachable. Test Plan: None Reviewers: raster, seoz, Hermet Differential Revision:
2014-03-03themes: let's pack the license in it.Cedric Bail
2014-03-03object_item: Check null in elm_object_item_del.Daniel Juyung Seo
As all EFL del/free APIs handle null as an exception, elm_object_item_del() should check null as well. @fix
2014-03-03diskselector: Fix segmentation faultJaeun Choi
Summary: The code was missing null check of sd->items list. If the deleted item is the only item of the list, sd->items becomes empty after removing it. In that case, sd->selected_item should be set as NULL. @fix Fixes T988 Test Plan: execute diskselector_example_02 > click "Delete item" button 3 times Reviewers: raster, seoz Reviewed By: seoz CC: seoz Maniphest Tasks: T988 Differential Revision:
2014-03-02@fix broken slider popup hide logiczmike
setting a flag here made it impossible to have any kind of transition animation on the indicator and was a poor workaround for fixing a theme issue
2014-03-02@fix slider popup creation with custom themeszmike
2014-03-02move slider track functions upzmike
2014-03-02@fix homogeneous genlist recalc on theme changezmike
fix T1023
2014-03-02flipselector_example: fixed to return correct value.Daniel Juyung Seo
- return EINA_TRUE when the event is processed. return EINA_FALSE otherwise. - use 'else if' statement without successive 'if' statement. - removed unnecessary casting. - marked on_hold flag to processed event.
2014-03-02widget: removed unused widget item member 'focused'.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-03-02elm: removing trailing white space ceremony for 1.9 release.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-03-02list: Run focus set/unset routine only when the focus status is changed.Daniel Juyung Seo
I didn't tag this as 'fix' because this feature was added after 1.9 release.
2014-03-01focus: Refactor mouse tracking code for focus.Daniel Juyung Seo
- Reduced the if statement depth. - Introduced new macro ELM_RECTS_POINT_OUT that checks if the point(xx, yy) stays out of the rectangle(x, y, w, h) area.
2014-02-28els_cursor: Fix crash when changing cursor since rELMb515c7477910Ryuan Choi
Extracted cursor_set from _elm_cursor_mouse_in() to call it without ev. test case: elemntary_test -to cursor
2014-02-28elm_list/focus: @bugfix crashes with empty lists and unfocused elements.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2014-02-28elementary key binding feature implementationJaeun Choi
Summary: This patch implements elementary key binding feature. Test Plan: None Reviewers: Hermet, raster CC: seoz Differential Revision: Conflicts: src/lib/elm_config.c
2014-02-28[elm_config] support color classesSohyun Kim
Summary: support color classes for runtime color changes. It works like text classes and is also added in configuration files. Reviewers: seoz, Hermet, cedric, raster Reviewed By: raster Differential Revision:
2014-02-28fileselector: added more description to is_save_set api.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-27entry: Add ELM_INPUT_PANEL_LAYOUT_EMOTICONJihoon Kim
2014-02-27hover: Made hover itself unfocusable.Daniel Juyung Seo
@fix Hover itself does not get key event. It should just forward the event to the internal objects. So make it unfocusable. Special thanks to Woohyun Jung.
2014-02-26configure: Bump version to 1.9.99 to indicate development cycleStefan Schmidt
1.9 is released and the master branch is now in development mode again. Make sure the version indicates that.
2014-02-26test_popup: made the focus highlight optional for the popup test.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-26test_popup: added more popup items for the better focus test.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-26po: updated po files right after the release!Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-26list: focus highlight is handled by item theme.Amitesh Singh
Summary: Problem: list theme (elm/list/base/default) is an alias of scroller base theme (elm/scroller/base/default) in which focus_highlight is set to "on". Solution: Now focus highlight in_theme is set by list item theme. Test Plan: elementary_test->"List Focus" Reviewers: seoz, woohyun Reviewed By: seoz CC: nirajkr Differential Revision:
2014-02-26list: Code refractoring of _item_focused_next()Amitesh Singh
Summary: # Added code to handle the case of disabled items. # Code refractoring of _item_focused_next(). Test Plan: elementary_test->"list focus" Reviewers: seoz, woohyun CC: nirajkr Differential Revision:
2014-02-26hoversel: Added "item,focused" and "item,unfocused" smart events for widget ↵Amitesh Singh
items. @feature Test Plan: elementary_test->hoversel focus Reviewers: seoz, woohyun CC: nirajkr Differential Revision:
2014-02-26popup: Added descriptions for the newly introduced ↵Amitesh Singh
item,focused/item,unfocused smart callbacks. @feature Reviewers: seoz CC: nirajkr Differential Revision:
2014-02-26list: Added descriptions for the newly introduced ↵Daniel Juyung Seo
item,focused/item,unfocused smart callbacks. @feature
2014-02-26list: implemented widget item focus feature.Amitesh Singh
@feature Summary: # Added "item,focused" and "item,unfocused" smart callbacks. # Added elm_object_focused_item_get() in elm_widget # Added elm_object_item_focus_set and elm_object_item_focus_get() APIs for # Added one argument in existing _focus_highlight_geometry_get(...,is_next) This is required to find out previous and current widget item. # Added a elm_win function _focus_highlight_start() which starts the focus Test Plan: elementary_test->List Focus , List Horizontal Focus Reviewers: seoz, woohyun Reviewers Comments: SeoZ - there are some known bugs. we will actively fix them in a near future. CC: nirajkr Differential Revision:
2014-02-26popup: implemented widget item focus feauture.Amitesh Singh
@feature Summary: 1. Added "item,focused" and "item,unfocused" callbacks for widget item since VIEW(item) is a elm layout. 2. Added sd->box into focus chain to enable the focus movement on widget items. Test Plan: elementary_test -> popup -> "popup-center-title + items + 3 buttons" Reviewers: seoz, woohyun CC: nirajkr Differential Revision:
2014-02-25Release version 1.9.0v1.9.0Stefan Schmidt
2014-02-25elm_authors.h: sync with AUTHORS.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-25list: fixed list to emit elm,state,list,single signal when there is onlyDaniel Juyung Seo
one item. This is a fix of a commit 44495f6431cdc5dbe6e8cb257cf73a69563ec67c.
2014-02-24test_fileselector_entry: null checkRyuan Choi
There are warning when toggled folder after pressing "api state" which clear icon.
2014-02-24menu: add NULL checks to elm_obj_menu_item_add()Yakov Goldberg
Function returns newly created item through last param Elm_Object_Item**. Add checks to make possible to pass NULL, if return is not needed.
2014-02-23theme - fine tune pkgkit icon to be a little lighterCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-23theme - xkb module - make lettering more readable over flagCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-23allow battery reading to be bigger by minor overlap with + signCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-22unify the usage of my namedavemds
2014-02-22Revert "oops, a mistake in T966 fix that could cause a segv"Andy Williams
This reverts commit b7d1cb531d1e196dee5f93dd4457e68df2692ed3.
2014-02-22po updateCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-22[Elm_Entry] Fix bug: magnifier position is incorrect when mouse down on ↵Thiep Ha
selection handler Summary: Magnifier is displayed incorrectly when mouse down on selection handler Reproduce way: Right click on entry (eg Entry), choose Select, select some text, press left mouse on selection handler (do not move the mouse), take a look at magnifier position. Reason: Magnifier position is set to mouse down position in entry. Fix: Check mouse down status and place correct position for magnifier. Reviewers: seoz, Hermet Reviewed By: Hermet Differential Revision:
2014-02-22elm_authors.h: Sync with AUTHORS.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-22AUTHORS: cleanup the author file.Daniel Juyung Seo
- Removed duplicated entries. - Gave the credit to original author not proxy.