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2015-08-25cxx: Added examples and tutorial for C++ bindingLuciana Magno de Almeida
Summary: Added the following examples: * bg_cxx_example_01 * bg_cxx_example_02 * bubble_cxx_example_01 * button_cxx_example_00 * button_cxx_example_01 * calendar_cxx_example_01 * calendar_cxx_example_02 * calendar_cxx_example_03 * calendar_cxx_example_04 * calendar_cxx_example_05 * clock_cxx_example * datetime_cxx_example * glview_cxx_example_01 * hoversel_cxx_example_01 * icon_cxx_example_01 * location_cxx_example_01 * menu_cxx_example_01 * popup_cxx_example_01 * radio_cxx_example_01 * separator_cxx_example_01 * slider_cxx_example * spinner_cxx_example * table_cxx_example_01 * table_cxx_example_02 * thumb_cxx_example_01 Added documentation for the above examples, as well as how using lambdas with C++ elm binding. How to use autohide feature and how to use the C++ wrappers to create windows, widgets and call Eo functions from them with automatic C++ type conversion and how to use signals from C++.
2014-09-17autotools: Removed useless instruction from Eolian++ helperSavio Sena
2014-07-21autotools: Add eolian-cxx to elementary.Savio Sena
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