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* build: don't provide --eo to eolian_gendevs/q66/nextDaniel Kolesa2015-11-091-3/+3
* Eolian helper: sync eolian helper from the efl.Tom Hacohen2015-07-161-7/+15
* Elm: fix eolian_gen call on MSYS2Vincent Torri2015-07-161-2/+2
* Eolian: support of eot fileDaniel Zaoui2015-05-201-1/+4
* Compilation: Align EDJ, EOLIAN and EPB to CCJean-Philippe Andre2014-05-121-1/+1
* Eolian: replace --eo1 option with --eoDaniel Zaoui2014-04-231-2/+2
* Eolian helper: Update to regenerate if generator is updated.Tom Hacohen2014-03-191-0/+5
* Eolian: fix dependency for .eo.c/h files.Daniel Zaoui2014-03-191-6/+1
* Added Eolian support.Tom Hacohen2014-03-111-0/+24