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2013-10-01elc_fileselector: Add fileselector_double_tap_navigation_enable configurationRyuan Choi
elm_filechooser used single tap not only for selection of file but also for navigation of directory. So it did not provide a way to select directory without navigation. With fileselector_double_tap_navigation_enable option, single tap will be used only for selection and double tap will be used for navigation of file or directory.
2013-09-29elementary/mapbuf: Dont' move the content to not be calculated. Mapbuf expectsChunEon Park
the content is static object and it won't be updated by content position. This actually reduces the mapbuf calculation time muchly in case of complex layout.
2013-09-27elementary/layout - fix the layout to swallow contents again when theme is ↵ChunEon Park
2013-09-21elm_menu: added elm_menu_item_subitems_clear.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-09-21elm_menu: added "dismissed" smart callback for dismiss action.Daniel Juyung Seo
- "clicked" smart callback was used for dismiss action. - "clicked" should be removed in EFL 2.0. Updated "EFL 2.0 TODO" wiki page. - Updated ChangeLog and NEWS. - Added sample code to elementary_test. - Updated documentation.
2013-09-21elm_hover: added "dismissed" smart callback for dismiss action.Daniel Juyung Seo
- "clicked" smart callback was used for dismiss action. - "clicked" should be removed in EFL 2.0. Updated "EFL 2.0 TODO" wiki page. - Updated ChangeLog and NEWS. - Added sample code to elementary_test. - Updated documentation.
2013-09-18elementary: update Changelog and NEWSMichael Bouchaud
2013-09-18Gesture layer: Updated changelog according to c08d6e0bf8350e69bc5aa8.Tom Hacohen
2013-09-16elm_flip.c: set focus to the flip's content object when flip go to is called.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-09-14elm_spinner.c: fixed spinner arrow key bug.Daniel Juyung Seo
Consider the spinner direction for the arrow key events.
2013-09-12elementary - introduces 3 apis elm_object_item_track/untrack/track_get().ChunEon Park
2013-09-12fileselector: Added "selected,invalid" signal for wrong path on the path_entry.Ryuan Choi
If user typed wrong path on the path entry, "selected,invalid" will be emitted with "selected" for legacy. In addition, send "selected" signal when folder is changed in only folder mode. It's regression of 74f308df9. See more information from
2013-09-12elementary - revert ddc3cf80ce0a50a9161fcb212d3414f5d7b5898cChunEon Park
We have a plan to add more proper API.
2013-09-12elm_flip.c: Added support for flip focus direction.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-09-12ChangeLog/NEWS: fixed ChangeLog and NEWS.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-09-10Missing ChangeLog and News about new elm_table apiJosé Roberto de Souza
2013-09-10elc_fileselector : Select path which user typed on path_entry.Ryuan Choi
Summary: In fileselector, user can write directory path or file path which they want. If then, fileselector navigates path when directory path is given, but just send a "selected" signal without real selection when file path or wrong path is given. With this path, - fileselector will navigate (if needed) and select file with signal when file path is given. - no action when wrong path is given.
2013-09-10progressbar: Support second progress.Niraj Kumar
This can be used by video/audio streaming such as youtube.
2013-09-07[spinner] change part name to access.text from access_text for naming ↵Shinwoo Kim
2013-09-02elementary/widget - introduce elm_object_item_object_get().ChunEon Park
We've countered application's requirements multiple times to they have the object handle from the elm_object_item. Now we introduce it for their convenient but they should use it carefully.
2013-08-28elm_bg: added a color reset feature.Daniel Juyung Seo
This can be achieved by calling elm_bg_color_set(bg, -1, -1, -1);
2013-08-26gengrid: implement selectraise feature.Daniel Juyung Seo
Gengrid item will be raised on selection. This was implemented in genlist, list, and index.
2013-08-22elementry/widget - Improve performance in applying widget theme.ChunEon Park
It prevents applying themes more strictly if it tries to apply same theme. This increases the performance hugely in case that user applies a specific theme to the window object.
2013-08-22notify: Add hide effect to notify.Thiep Ha
As specified in task T149, the notify has show effect but does not have hide effect. This patch adds hide effect to notify.
2013-08-19elementary/popup - support "language,chagned" smart callback.ChunEon Park
2013-08-15Sorry Jihoon, need to revert this. The code pushed to EFL to add thisChris Michael
feature did not build (missing the matching ecore_imf code) so I had to revert it from EFL, which means this needs to be reverted also. Revert "Add elm_entry_input_panel_show_on_demand_set/get()" This reverts commit 3fc38ccc41d9b61efb4b5a8db08ea8290182bb7a.
2013-08-14Add elm_entry_input_panel_show_on_demand_set/get()Jihoon Kim
2013-08-12elementary/Mapbuf - Ensure that content size calculation is correctly ↵ChunEon Park
finished because the mapbuf is willing to block the size calculation forcely.
2013-08-12elementary: update ChangeLog/NEWS about URL support in Elm_Image and ↵Cedric Bail
2013-08-11elm_win focus: Added elm_win_focus_highlight_animate_set/get APIs.Daniel Juyung Seo
Now one can manually enable/disable focus highlight animation for a specific window on run-time.
2013-08-10elementary/popup - Fix the corrupted internal widget tree that caused ↵ChunEon Park
elm_theme_set() doesn't work correctly.
2013-08-09elm_image: add support for url.Cedric Bail
2013-07-31[access] use proper name _elm_access_info_get(); not ↵Shinwoo Kim
_elm_access_object_get(); to get access information
2013-07-26elementary/flip - fix the flip page to not flip on a direction if the ↵ChunEon Park
direction is disabled.
2013-07-23elementary/fileselector - support elm_object_part_text_set() to set the ok, ↵ChunEon Park
cancel button label.
2013-07-18elementary/layout - revert commit b4e1b33cbea974e7e05d61a1c37c21f97ff7eabd ↵ChunEon Park
for the app compatibility.
2013-07-17elementary/layout - Send visible/hidden signals whenever contents are ↵ChunEon Park
set/unset (not only icon and end parts)
2013-07-13elementry/entry - Change the keyboard mode only if the imf is not available.ChunEon Park
If the imf is available, the keyboard mode should be decided by ime, but not entry. This prevents the asynchorouse states between ime and conformant.
2013-07-13elm_list.c: fixed elm_object_item_part_content_set bug with 'end' part in ↵Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-07-12Opps revert this commit. It was my mistake. Sorry.Daniel Juyung Seo
Revert "sldkfj" This reverts commit a52b461984914211ee98f390b957b0c370347bfc.
2013-07-12sldkfjThiep Ha
2013-07-09[entry] Fix non-scrollable entry did not comply focus_highlight data.Youngbok Shin
elm_entry checked focus_highlight data only if entry is scrollable. Now elm_entry will check focus_highlight data on any style of entries.
2013-07-06[access] add elm_access_highlight_next_set, export elm_widget_focus_region_showShinwoo Kim
2013-07-03Change the method to calculate a distance which be scrolled from linear to ↵Jaehwan Kim
sine curve. And add the configuration thumbscroll_flick_distance_tolerance. It's the max flick distance.
2013-07-03Add the ChangeLog and NEWS and update AUTHORS.Jaehwan Kim
2013-07-03[Entry] Avoid showing multiple popups on one entry.Thiep Ha
Multiple popups (anchor hover and hoversel) are showing in following cases: - Run elementary_test with Mobile profile --> Entry Anchor + click on anchor to show hover, then press menu key + right click on anchor
2013-06-30Add the elm_scrollable_interface_content_viewport_resize_cb_set.Jaehwan Kim
When the viewport is resized, the enrolled function is called.
2013-06-27fileselector : Fix Segfault in elementary file_selector_example when closedRyuan Choi list_itc and grid_itc are static variables, but they were managed by file_selector instance. For example, they are allocated two times and first allocated classes are dangling when two file selector are created. This patch moves their init/deinit logic to constructor/destructor of file selector class.
2013-06-25Update ChangeLog and NEWS for below commit.Ryuan Choi
2013-06-24file selector:Add support mime type filterRyuan Choi