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2012-08-08rename illume profile as mobile.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 74990
2012-07-06[els scroller] add debug code to measure smoothness of scrollerJiyoun Park
it count standard deviation of scroll velocity and modify smooth algorithm SVN revision: 73388
2012-07-05fix several elm+fb related issues and add a feature.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 73334
2012-06-30From: Kim Shinwoo <>Kim Shinwoo
Subject: Re: [E-devel] [Patch][elementary] elm_cofig, setting accessibility mode SVN revision: 73073
2012-05-21Elm glayer: Change double_tap_timeout to 0.25.Tom Hacohen
Listen to Hermet's wise counsel. SVN revision: 71269
2012-05-20Elm glayer: Made tap timeout a config.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 71258
2012-04-02elementary/datetime - Elm_datetime open source patch : Datetime enhancementsChunEon Park
Change Description: - Year min/max values are moved to elm_config. - Format specifier must come along with % followed by any separator. ( % 123d is not supported but %d will denote Date format specifier) - Field separator can constitute multiple spaces, Space followed by any other non format specifier is also treated as the separator till its max length. ( %d x/ %b #2 format displays 27 x/ Mar #2 ) Thanks, Sumanth Submitted-By-Off Sumanth Krishna Mannam<> SVN revision: 69846
2012-03-29tone down smoothing even more.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 69735
2012-03-29adjust default configs for scroll smoothing to have a smaller window.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 69731
2012-03-09elemenatry/colorselector - finally first implementation going onChunEon Park
Signed-Off-By: ShilpaOnkar Singh( SVN revision: 69100
2012-03-07aaah bugger - i was wrong. 0 is sn, not mon. fix. now days start onCarsten Haitzler
monday.. how it SHOULD be.. thats why we call it a weekEND.. it happens at the.. END of a week... :S SVN revision: 68933
2012-03-07get configs up to date.. and weekend/say should be 0 5 2 (0 == mon, 5Carsten Haitzler
== sat etc.) SVN revision: 68932
2012-03-07elementary/dayselector - New widget Elc_dayselectorChunEon Park
Hi Raster, Please find the modified patch after the suggested changes. [ APIs are provided for setting week_start, weekend_start & weekend_length.Default values are fetched from elm_config instead of edc styles.] Please review the patch and push it to svn. Thanks, Sumanth Signed-Off-By: Sumanth Krishna Mannam( SVN revision: 68868
2012-03-05From: Sumanth Krishna Mannam <>Sumanth Krishna Mannam
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Elementary : New widget Elm_datetime patch Attached to the mail is the patch for new elementary widget elm_datetime. Refer to the below EFL post history for more details. The datetime widget provides an option to display Date & time based on current locale format and the user can edit them through dynamic Modules. Dynamic modules can be based on 1. Content Popup/diskselector based list 2. Elm_entry with ISE based input 3. Elm_Spinner based etc. Refer to the Screenshots: <1.ctxpopup_diskselector_UI> <2.entry_ise_UI> <3.spinner_selection_UI> Can someone review and push this patch to EFL repository? Change description: New widget Elm_datetime is added. Datetime widget displays the Date &Time fields and provides a customizable way to edit them. The widget is implemented in a modular fashion for date/time field inputs. Ctxpopup based input is proposed as the default selection module. Localization support based on Libc is also supported. Sign-Off By: Sumanth M.V.K <> SVN revision: 68696
2011-12-21Elm glayer: Changed config to enable zoom/rotate finger by default.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 66433
2011-12-21glayer: Fixed angle computation 1. Angles now are given in DEG, not RAD 2. ↵Aharon Hillel
ZERO angle at 12-oclock, growing clockwise. 3. TODO: Fixe rotation Momentum computation. Signed-off-by: Aharon Hillel <> SVN revision: 66427
2011-12-20Elm glayer: Added config value to multi-touch rotation.Tom Hacohen
Patch by Bluezery. SVN revision: 66368
2011-12-18Elementary glayer: Added a config value to disable multitouch zoom.Tom Hacohen
Patch by Bluezery. SVN revision: 66310
2011-11-09Elm glayer: Added illume gesture layer defaultAharon Hillel
Signed-off-by: Aharon Hillel <> SVN revision: 64986
2011-10-13From: Jaehwan Kim <>Jaehwan Kim
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] ELM_THUMBSCROLL_SENSITIVITY_FRICTION I talked with you about 4.0, magic number. I want to change the part that the length of mouse dragging multiply 4.0 to _elm_config->thumbscroll_sensitivity_friction. 4.0 is nice. But some device may want to change the value. It is a kind of sensitivity. So I added the config "ELM_THUMBSCROLL_SENESITIVITY _FRICTION". And I change the value mean. If the value is high, it is more sensitive. The range of the value is from 0.1 to 1.0. It cannot be 0.0. 4.0 changed to 0.25. Please check this patch. SVN revision: 64051
2011-06-10make sure defaults all match with code built in, and profiles etc.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 60182
2011-06-10forgot to make window of smoothing configurable. fix minor macroCarsten Haitzler
oopsie too. SVN revision: 60165
2011-06-09scroller smoothing stuff.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 60126
2011-05-11elm can now set vsync for gl windows/clientsCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 59321
2011-04-01start a desktop entry mode. shift arrows start/mod selection. can justCarsten Haitzler
click and drag to select. SVN revision: 58258
2011-01-31From: Jae Hwan Kim <>Jae Hwan Kim
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] environment parameter - ELM_EFFECT_ENABLE I want to add the environment parameter "ELM_EFFECT_ENABLE". It will play a role as the enablement for the effect of all widget. SVN revision: 56572
2010-12-24make flush config have a master boolean enable/disableCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 55744
2010-11-24Longpress timeout is now configurable.Iván Briano
Patch by WooHyun Jung <> SVN revision: 54939
2010-11-24Now people won't forget this shit anymore.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 54921
2010-11-23Elm caching settings exposed, part II.Gustavo Lima Chaves
Edje caching primitives exposed in Elm, too, now, and stored at config. Also, there's now a poller running for all Elm apps doing cache flushing. All these things have configurable values, of course. Testing config version bumping too, it should work. SVN revision: 54851
2010-11-05 Make the scroller more "weighted" (or hard-to-drag) while you drag itDavide Andreoli
out of bounds, that is when the content is finished. In this way the user note that the content is at the end. All the others finger-scroll implementation (iphone,android) works this way ;) This is configurable by the 'thumbscroll_border_friction' config value, and by the 'ELM_THUMBSCROLL_BORDER_FRICTION' var. 0.0 means: disable the friction 0.5 is the default 1.0 means: maximum friction I have tested this with every scroller in elm_test and seems to work well in all the occurence, if you see somthing strange in some scroller please let me know. DaveMDS SVN revision: 54170
2010-11-01Switching elm config's engine variable from enum to string ptr.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 54081
2010-10-26Match Toolbar_Shrink_Mode enum changes.Rafael Fonseca
SVN revision: 53897
2010-10-21Misspelling threshhold -> threshold as pointed out by glima.Rafael Fonseca
SVN revision: 53740
2010-10-21Improve Elementary's profiles.Rafael Fonseca
This is still a work in progress. The idea is to have two different profiles: one to be used on desktops and another for mobiles. To make it possible, I've added some fields to the config struct and in the following commits the widgets will start using that configuration so when they are created the default configuration of the profile is applied. SVN revision: 53726
2010-10-04Focus highlight kinda configurable. More to come when discomfitor feels like ↵Iván Briano
implementing it SVN revision: 53031
2010-09-25Add cursor engine only usage to elm configBruno Dilly
Only use engine cursors by default SVN revision: 52762
2010-09-11Welcome Tooltips.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
Tooltips are set using elm_object_tooltip_content_cb_set(), that returns the desired Evas_Object to use as contents, or using the helper function elm_object_tooltip_text_set() that uses that underneath. The behavior is controlled part on elm_config, theme and user application. In elm_config one defines the tooltip timeout. The theme defines the padding around cursor x/y and window border x/y, as well as the look and feel. Last but not least, the user application may want to change the tooltip style with elm_object_tooltip_style_set(). Have fun! This code was initially written by Tiago Falcao and Fabiano Fidencio, I did some API review and changed some bits. TODO: elm widget item support, like with toolbar items. SVN revision: 52150
2010-09-02Versioned config for Elementary.Iván Briano
This is not doing much now, just the version field in the struct, some stuff stolen from E and a base to use when new things are added. There are some comments in the code about what to do in certain cases that E does not have, like a system update, new config and apps linked to the old version still running when the config Atoms are updated. These things we'll probably be addressed as they are needed, as well as come clean up in quick code I ditched in there, but it would be good to do so with more feedback from the good guys around that like to break SVN every now and then. Since the commit message is already long enough, I'm adding some more crap just for the sake of doing so. I could go with some tl;dr thing as well, but I don't feel like resuming what's up there. Have a nice day. SVN revision: 51843
2010-01-18well it needed to be done finallly - elm has config files and profiles - justCarsten Haitzler
like big brother e. SVN revision: 45280