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2012-08-30[elm] Multibuttonentry now a layout.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2012-08-30[elm] Ctxpopup now a layout.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2012-08-30[elm] Filesector entry ported.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2012-08-30[elm] Entry now a scrollable layout.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2012-08-30[elm] Toolbar ported.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2012-07-19[elm] This file was not meant to exist.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2012-07-19[elm] Map now using the scrollable interface.Gustavo Lima Chaves
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2011-08-01Elementary: Toolbar DocumentationBruno Dilly
2011-07-28Elementary: Segment Control DocumentationBruno Dilly
2011-07-27Elementary: panes documentationBruno Dilly
2011-07-26I didn't forget the images, I just wanted more commits under my nameIván Briano
2011-07-26Some more doc fixing in entry, mostly cursor, images showing items and an exa...Iván Briano
2011-07-25Elementary: List DocumentationBruno Dilly
2011-07-22Elementary: modify conformant exampleBruno Dilly
2011-07-21Elementary: conformant preview and diagramBruno Dilly
2011-07-21Elementary: ctxpopup documentation and example.Jonas M. Gastal
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2011-07-20Elementary: removing auto-generated screenshots, andJonas M. Gastal
2011-07-20elementary/layout - adding description and moving function reference docs.Rafael Antognolli
2011-07-20elementary/layout - Add examples explained.Rafael Antognolli
2011-07-20[elementary] Documentation for the index widget.Gustavo Lima Chaves
2011-07-18elementary/icon - Add an explained example.Rafael Antognolli
2011-07-18Elementary: Conformant DocumentationBruno Dilly
2011-07-15Elementary: Diskselector documentationBruno Dilly
2011-07-15[elementary] Documenting/exemplifying file selectorGustavo Lima Chaves
2011-07-15[elementary] Documenting/exemplifying file selectorGustavo Lima Chaves
2011-07-15[elementary] Documenting/exemplifying file selectorGustavo Lima Chaves
2011-07-15Elementary: Hoversel documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
2011-07-14elementary/image - Improve documentation and add an example.Rafael Antognolli
2011-07-14Elementary: Calendar DocumentationBruno Dilly