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2013-06-16index.doxy: add App to infrastructure documentation list.Daniel Juyung Seo
2012-11-30[elm] Introducing a new widget, along with its infrastructure -- prefs.Gustavo Lima Chaves
The prefs widgets aims to aid with the implementation of preference/configuration windows/UI elements in Elementary-based applications (think of Enlightenment configuration dialogs, elementary_config, etc). Prefs is a widget that populates its view with widgets bound to data types (following the instructions of a ".epb" file that describes a set of items) and handles the storage/restoration of such data on a configuration file automatically. There's also the prefs_data handle, which is the one dealing with user saved data for a given epb defaults set. The documentation on the new widget is rich (we have examples and even an EPC reference) and there's a new test entry for it. I'm blogging about it soon, with screeshots and more details. Enjoy. ps.: This is a team work by Murilo Belluzzo, Ricardo de Almeida and me. SVN revision: 79909
2012-04-19Remove whitespaces from doc/index.doxy.Jonas M. Gastal
Author: Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura <> SVN revision: 70336
2012-04-19Add Naviframe group to container list page.Jonas M. Gastal
Author: Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura <> SVN revision: 70335
2012-03-17elementary: remove Toggle in index.doxyJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 69485
2012-03-12Anchorview/Anchorblock don't exist anymore.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 69266
2012-03-07elementary/dayselector - New widget Elc_dayselectorChunEon Park
Hi Raster, Please find the modified patch after the suggested changes. [ APIs are provided for setting week_start, weekend_start & weekend_length.Default values are fetched from elm_config instead of edc styles.] Please review the patch and push it to svn. Thanks, Sumanth Signed-Off-By: Sumanth Krishna Mannam( SVN revision: 68868
2012-03-05From: Rajeev Ranjan <>Rajeev Ranjan
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Elementary: New custom widget Popup Hi All, Attached to the mail is the patch for a new custom elementary widget elm_popup for your review. Change description: New custom widget Popup added. elm_popup is an enhancement over elm_notify widget with widely used parts such as Title, Content and Action Buttons. Items are supported as well and they are put inside the content area which can have either an Evas Object/Set of items/Description text. SVN revision: 68747
2012-03-05From: Sumanth Krishna Mannam <>Sumanth Krishna Mannam
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Elementary : New widget Elm_datetime patch Attached to the mail is the patch for new elementary widget elm_datetime. Refer to the below EFL post history for more details. The datetime widget provides an option to display Date & time based on current locale format and the user can edit them through dynamic Modules. Dynamic modules can be based on 1. Content Popup/diskselector based list 2. Elm_entry with ISE based input 3. Elm_Spinner based etc. Refer to the Screenshots: <1.ctxpopup_diskselector_UI> <2.entry_ise_UI> <3.spinner_selection_UI> Can someone review and push this patch to EFL repository? Change description: New widget Elm_datetime is added. Datetime widget displays the Date &Time fields and provides a customizable way to edit them. The widget is implemented in a modular fashion for date/time field inputs. Ctxpopup based input is proposed as the default selection module. Localization support based on Libc is also supported. Sign-Off By: Sumanth M.V.K <> SVN revision: 68696
2012-03-03elementary: UI-Mirroring to Mirroring in index.doxyJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 68645
2012-02-22Move gengrid and genlist to container list.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 68281
2012-02-19elm/index.doxy: remove Pager referenceJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 68123
2011-10-16layouted is not a word!!!!!!!Mike Blumenkrantz
SVN revision: 64119
2011-09-29People from Earth: Welcome Elm_WebIván Briano
Started by glima as a thin wrapper around ewk_view to make webkit work better integrated with Elementary, then grew up as a more complete widget thanks to k-s' magic fingers, and now I screwed it up but it looks like it works, so there.. Build WebKit-EFL, rebuild Elementary and enjoy elm_web. SVN revision: 63676
2011-09-28Document how to use thread with EFL in nice detail for "beginners" whoCarsten Haitzler
know already how to use threads (pthread) and then how to use that with EFL. SVN revision: 63641
2011-08-25elementary : For fixing doxy bug. This patch was made by Shilpa. WooHyun Jung
SVN revision: 62820
2011-08-10fix previews in widget and container list.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 62289
2011-08-09elm: Fixed documentation.Daniel Juyung Seo
SVN revision: 62263
2011-08-09hmm empty widget section -> removeCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 62249
2011-08-09list, genlist, gengrid imho are not containers :)Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 62242
2011-08-09dont need no genscrollerCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 62231
2011-08-09remove references to elm animator!Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 62229
2011-08-03Elementary: reorganizing main page and modules list.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 62078
2011-08-03Elementary: Map DocumentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 62074
2011-08-01Elementary: Mapbuf DocumentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 61968
2011-08-01elementary/thumb - Added explained example and some more doc.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 61960
2011-08-01elementary/genlist - Make genlist preview use a tree view.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 61959
2011-08-01Elementary: Toolbar DocumentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 61955
2011-07-29Elementary: elm_menu documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61910
2011-07-29Add preview for windowIván Briano
SVN revision: 61908
2011-07-28Elementary: Segment Control DocumentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 61872
2011-07-28elementary/genlist - Adding previews to index and docs.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 61871
2011-07-28Elementary: table documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61865
2011-07-28Elementary: scroller documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61861
2011-07-28Inwin docs. No example.Iván Briano
SVN revision: 61852
2011-07-27Elementary: Moving panes to containers section of index.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61822
2011-07-27Elementary: photocam documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61821
2011-07-27[elementary] Documentation for the slideshow widget.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 61813
2011-07-27Elementary: panes documentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 61809
2011-07-27Elementary: notify documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61807
2011-07-27Elementary: Slider documentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 61806
2011-07-26Elm_Box preview screenshotIván Briano
SVN revision: 61775
2011-07-26[elementary] Docs. for the progress bar widget.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 61772
2011-07-26Elementary: Spinner documentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 61766
2011-07-25Elementary: List DocumentationBruno Dilly
SVN revision: 61711
2011-07-25[elementary] Index preview image for gengrid.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 61707
2011-07-25Elementary: panel documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61700
2011-07-25Elementary: toggle documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61699
2011-07-25Elementary: radio button documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61698
2011-07-25Elementary: separator documentation.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 61697