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2012-06-15[elm] Uncomment widget tree images rule out -- leave itGustavo Lima Chaves
dangling. To be called explicitly. SVN revision: 72200
2012-06-12elm/docs: Fix typo: no releted pages.Rafael Antognolli
SVN revision: 72027
2012-06-08Fixing win_example (Win - General API Overview) doc, includes were broken.Jonas M. Gastal
Author: Guilherme Iscaro <> SVN revision: 71864
2012-06-08Adding related pages link.Jonas M. Gastal
Author: Guilherme Iscaro <> SVN revision: 71849
2012-06-06[elm] Dangling elm_icon_resizable_set() calls, be gone.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 71763
2012-06-05[elm] Welcome pretty widget hierarchy images on docs.Gustavo Lima Chaves
The Makefile rule building that is commented out -- meant to be run locally once in a while (when changes on overall widget tree happen) and changed images commited. SVN revision: 71721
2012-06-05[elm] Put some order on widget preview programsGustavo Lima Chaves
generation and also on widget preview images generation. SVN revision: 71719
2012-05-29elm/examples.dox: fix lots of typosJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 71492
2012-05-29elementary: improve doc.Cedric BAIL
Patch by Jérôme Pinot <>. - #link on the beginning of a new line does give ugly output: - some typos - some missing @c - in elm_web, convert remaining @li parameter lists to @param - minor random fixes SVN revision: 71486
2012-05-04[elm] Missing images for doc.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 70761
2012-04-27Cleanup Doxygen Warnings - elementary 2Thiago Thamada
Warning resolved: Example <name> was already documented. Ignoring documentation found here. File modified: examples.dox Patch by: Thiago Thamada <> SVN revision: 70524
2012-04-27From: Jérôme Pinot <>Jérôme Pinot
Subject: [E-devel] [patch] missing doxygen files in release tarballs This patch add to EXTRA_DIST essential files for doxygen small build fix: SVN revision: 70514
2012-04-25[Elm] Don't let users disoriented at this stage anymore.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 70478
2012-04-19Remove whitespaces from doc/index.doxy.Jonas M. Gastal
Author: Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura <> SVN revision: 70336
2012-04-19Add Naviframe group to container list page.Jonas M. Gastal
Author: Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura <> SVN revision: 70335
2012-04-02Elm: second doc patchVincent Torri
Patch by Jérôme Pinot SVN revision: 69866
2012-04-02Elm: update Doxyfile and remove doxygen documentation for deprecated widgets:Vincent Torri
- anchorblock - anchorview - pager Patch by Jérôme Pinot SVN revision: 69849
2012-03-21Fix bugs in Elementary examples and documentation.Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura
Patch by: Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura <> SVN revision: 69544
2012-03-21Remove GLView example from comments to a new file.Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura
Patch by: Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura <> SVN revision: 69543
2012-03-21Fixing bugs in Elementary widgets documentation.Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura
Patch by: Joao Paulo Fernandes Ventura <> SVN revision: 69542
2012-03-19New simpler button example.João Paulo Fernandes Ventura
Patch by: João Paulo Fernandes Ventura<> SVN revision: 69508
2012-03-19Fixing bugs in examples.João Paulo Fernandes Ventura
Patch by: João Paulo Fernandes Ventura<> SVN revision: 69507
2012-03-17elementary: remove Toggle in index.doxyJihoon Kim
SVN revision: 69485
2012-03-16clean up toggle turds :)Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 69478
2012-03-15remove deprecated code related with Jiyoun Park
elm_genlist_height_for_width_mode_get/set function SVN revision: 69360
2012-03-15remove deprecated with Jiyoun Park
elm_genlist_always_select_mode_get/set elm_genlist_no_select_mode_get/set function SVN revision: 69355
2012-03-14Hoversel example and doc fix.Jonas M. Gastal
Patch by: João Paulo Fernandes Ventura SVN revision: 69342
2012-03-14remove elm_list_always_select_mode_get/set deprecated APIJiyoun Park
SVN revision: 69330
2012-03-13remove deprecated code related with Jiyoun Park
elm_clock_digit_edit_get/set function. SVN revision: 69288
2012-03-13remove deprecated code related with Jiyoun Park
elm_gengrid_always_select_mode_get/set elm_gengrid_no_select_mode_get/set function. SVN revision: 69285
2012-03-13remove deprecated code related with Jiyoun Park
elm_index_item_selected_get function. SVN revision: 69279
2012-03-12Anchorview/Anchorblock don't exist anymore.Jonas M. Gastal
SVN revision: 69266
2012-03-12remove deprecated code related with Jiyoun Park
elm_index_active_XXX elm_index_item_append_relative elm_index_item_append_relative function. SVN revision: 69239
2012-03-12remove deprecated code related with Jiyoun Park
elm_calendar_day_selection_enabled_set/get function. SVN revision: 69229
2012-03-10remove code related with Jiyoun Park
ELM_MAP_ROUTE_SOURCE_ elm_map_utils_rotate_coord elm_map_utils_convert_ elm_map_utils_downloading_status_get elm_map_canvas_to_geo_convert elm_map_geo_region_ elm_map_source_zoom_ elm_map_source_name elm_map_route_source elm_map_max_marker_per elm_map_paused_markers elm_map_name_remove which was deprecated SVN revision: 69167
2012-03-09remove code related with Jiyoun Park
elm_list_item_disabled elm_list_item_XXX which was deprecated SVN revision: 69109
2012-03-09elemenatry/colorselector - finally first implementation going onChunEon Park
Signed-Off-By: ShilpaOnkar Singh( SVN revision: 69100
2012-03-07elm genlist: Applied genlist compress mode API change.Daniel Juyung Seo
Signed-off-by: Daniel Juyung Seo <> SVN revision: 68998
2012-03-07From: myoungwoon kim <>myoungwoon kim
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Ecore, Elementary: Supporting indicator opacity mode This is Myoungwoon Roy Kim. This patches are for supporting the indicator's opacity mode and made by Jeonhoon Park( who is responsible for Indicator application. Requirements: - In mobile device, Indicator area should be displayed as Opacity, Transparency, or sometimes Translucency according to the UX requirements. This requirement can be applied in case of fullscreen based menu and fullscreen applications like video player etc. Functional requirements: 1. User can set indicator's opacity mode as opacity, transparency, and translucency 2. User can get the current indicator's opacity mode. Currently there are no APIs for supporting the upper functional requirements. Thus, he added support for indicator's opacity mode. It is designed for EFL developers easily to set the indicator's opacity like the existing indicator's mode. He added a Elm_Win_Indicator_Opacity_Mode structure variable into Elm_Win structure. Meanwhile, new two APIs are implemented independently from the existing source code. Anybody please review this and apply it to upstream code. SVN revision: 68959
2012-03-07Renaming ITEMS_SUBITEMS to ITEMS_TREE.Sanjeev BA
Signed-off-by: Sanjeev BA <> SVN revision: 68942
2012-03-07elm diskselector: Reviewed diskselector.Daniel Juyung Seo
SVN revision: 68936
2012-03-07Fix warnings.Sanjeev BA
Signed-off-by: Sanjeev BA <> SVN revision: 68901
2012-03-07elementary/dayselector - oooops crazy hermetChunEon Park
I missed to add files SVN revision: 68870
2012-03-07elementary/dayselector - New widget Elc_dayselectorChunEon Park
Hi Raster, Please find the modified patch after the suggested changes. [ APIs are provided for setting week_start, weekend_start & weekend_length.Default values are fetched from elm_config instead of edc styles.] Please review the patch and push it to svn. Thanks, Sumanth Signed-Off-By: Sumanth Krishna Mannam( SVN revision: 68868
2012-03-06Elm entry: Merge anchorview/anchorblock into entry.Tom Hacohen
And kill those damn widgets. SVN revision: 68802
2012-03-05From: Rajeev Ranjan <>Rajeev Ranjan
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Elementary: New custom widget Popup Hi All, Attached to the mail is the patch for a new custom elementary widget elm_popup for your review. Change description: New custom widget Popup added. elm_popup is an enhancement over elm_notify widget with widely used parts such as Title, Content and Action Buttons. Items are supported as well and they are put inside the content area which can have either an Evas Object/Set of items/Description text. SVN revision: 68747
2012-03-05elm: Applied icon/image API changes.Daniel Juyung Seo
Signed-off-by: Daniel Juyung Seo <> SVN revision: 68728
2012-03-05From: Sumanth Krishna Mannam <>Sumanth Krishna Mannam
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Elementary : New widget Elm_datetime patch Attached to the mail is the patch for new elementary widget elm_datetime. Refer to the below EFL post history for more details. The datetime widget provides an option to display Date & time based on current locale format and the user can edit them through dynamic Modules. Dynamic modules can be based on 1. Content Popup/diskselector based list 2. Elm_entry with ISE based input 3. Elm_Spinner based etc. Refer to the Screenshots: <1.ctxpopup_diskselector_UI> <2.entry_ise_UI> <3.spinner_selection_UI> Can someone review and push this patch to EFL repository? Change description: New widget Elm_datetime is added. Datetime widget displays the Date &Time fields and provides a customizable way to edit them. The widget is implemented in a modular fashion for date/time field inputs. Ctxpopup based input is proposed as the default selection module. Localization support based on Libc is also supported. Sign-Off By: Sumanth M.V.K <> SVN revision: 68696
2012-03-05[elementary/index] Some APIs were modified or removed + fix buildWooHyun Jung
break. SVN revision: 68690
2012-03-05From: Bluezery <>Bluezery
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch][elm_map] Add overlay in the map I made a overlay APIs in the map. This will replace the marker APIs. I hope that markers will be deleted before elementary 1.0 release. This was discussed before in Marker only supports layout style overlay. So only icon and image are suitable for marker. For now on, overlay can support any evas object and also layout style. Currently overlay support default, bubble, and class types. And more types will be added (Polyline, Polygon, scale, POI etc.). I made a Elm_Map_Overlay opaque structure for handling general overlay properties (hide, pause, show, etc.) and coordinates or internal content (icon, content, etc.) for those different types. Class type overlay is something like mixture of previous marker group and marker class. If member overlays in the same class are closed, they will be grouped. (Same functionality as previous maker group.) The group's properties and contents are defined by using general overlay functions. (New functionality) This defined properties and contents can be be propagated to member overlays appended to this class. (Same functionality as previous maker class.) There are some missing functionalities remained. Group callbacks are not supported yet in the overlays. So images inside group bubble can not be shown. I will implement this feature. After this patch, I will fix signals and function names before elementary 1.0 releases. SVN revision: 68672