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2009-12-01use all dem cursor api's... and module it up broCarsten Haitzler
2009-11-26and build.. if u dont have eweather! test guys... test! be careful!Carsten Haitzler
2009-11-25Temp fix for genlist horizontal resize lag by commenting outChristopher Michael
2009-11-25Elm menu, slideshow and notify: remove warningsJonathan Atton
2009-11-25Elm test : add eweather.Jonathan Atton
2009-11-22fix some freeze issues with scroller.Carsten Haitzler
2009-11-18Elm map : add new methods like delete a marker, display a list of markers ....Jonathan Atton
2009-11-17Elm map test : add zoom with the mouse wheelJonathan Atton
2009-11-17Elm map : Fix the zoom (need to be fixed in photocam too). Everything seems w...Jonathan Atton
2009-11-16Elm map : the height of the bubble is equals to the height of the contentJonathan Atton
2009-11-15Elm map: remove curl_easy_error()Jonathan Atton
2009-11-15Panel working nicely now, tho still one issue (content does not initiallyChristopher Michael
2009-11-15Revert back to old panel code for now. This will get fixed someday, timeChristopher Michael
2009-11-15Elm map : add the markersJonathan Atton
2009-11-15and actually testing your compiling links helps too... before you commit!Carsten Haitzler
2009-11-14Elm map : some fixsJonathan Atton
2009-11-14Elm Map : some fix. "Show paris" wich is a zoom to 18 segv.Jonathan Atton
2009-11-13add example for spinner vertical styleAndreas Volz
2009-11-13Elm: add the zoom with the mouse wheel in the photocam test.Jonathan Atton
2009-11-13Elementary : add Elm_Map. 2 bugs are known : ecore become crazy after a time ...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-31Elm photocam : do not commit this ! sryJonathan Atton
2009-10-31elm pager: remove the white rectJonathan Atton
2009-10-22Elm: use evas_object_event_callback_del_full() everywhere and improve elm_notifyJonathan Atton
2009-10-22printf--Carsten Haitzler
2009-10-22dont grab focus if widget cant focus.Carsten Haitzler
2009-10-21 * Add a new button the the entry_scrolled test. The new button print the pas...Davide Andreoli
2009-10-20Add a genlist to the panel test.Christopher Michael
2009-10-18Formatting on menu & notify.Christopher Michael
2009-10-15Actually commit panel files.Christopher Michael
2009-10-15Work on a new panel widget. Still not complete yet, but it's started :)Christopher Michael
2009-10-14Elm genlist: add elm_genlist_item_middle_bring_in/show(item)). Elm slideshow ...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-14add paused state to photocam to allow for instance changes of zoom level whenCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-14and use new signal nameCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-141. add signal emits for scrolling in photocamCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-14photocam -> allow zoom as a double and allow all values > 0.0 for zoom forCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-14add aspect hint so contents appear rightCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-13elm slideshow: s/elm_widget_disabled_set/elm_object_disabled_setJonathan Atton
2009-10-12Elm slideshow: Now theslideshow use the same way than the genlist widget: cal...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-11elm slideshow : rewrite it. Now the slideshow display a list of Evas_Object* ...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-11elm menu+toolbar: Rewrite the menu, add separator and submenus. Fix the separ...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-10elm test genlist : Add bring in 50th and 1500th items.Jonathan Atton
2009-10-081. move orientation box call to after back- this makes the box do a calcCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-07Elemetary : add a new widget: menu. See elementary_test. submenu will coming ...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-07add tests for show item in listCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-07add clicked test to iconCarsten Haitzler
2009-10-06elm toolbar: add elm_toolbar_align_set(), set the alignment of the items. Def...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-06elm toolbar: add menu. See the last item in the tollbar test. Thi implementat...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-05elm progrees bar: new style: wheel. simple style, no text, no progression, on...Jonathan Atton
2009-10-02elm photocam : add file_get()> elm slideshow test : fix a bugJonathan Atton
2009-09-30elm button : new style "anchor", see elentary_testJonathan Atton