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2015-11-12build: simplify SUBDIR usage in examplesStefan Schmidt
2015-11-12examples/sphere_hunter: fix another instance of floating point incorrectnessStefan Schmidt
2015-11-12examples/sphere_hunter: remove unused functionStefan Schmidt
2015-11-12examples/sphere_hunter: initialize struct in all casesStefan Schmidt
2015-11-12examples/sphere_hunter: make sure we do not loose fractional part of double.Stefan Schmidt
2015-11-12examples/sphere_hunter: use coorect logic for if condition.Stefan Schmidt
2015-11-12examples/camera_light: free resources if we fail to allocate all and leaveStefan Schmidt
2015-11-12example: genlist - intialize buffer array to 0Amitesh Singh
2015-11-12example: genlist - intialize buffer array to 0Amitesh Singh
2015-11-12example: glview - use delete to deallocate memoryAmitesh Singh
2015-11-12example: glview - use delete to deallocate memoryAmitesh Singh
2015-11-12elementary: Fix genlist example to not free data until After it hasChris Michael
2015-11-12example/performance: Remove unused variable.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-11-12fix elm performance example to init elm properly and not do engine stuffCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-11-12cxx: Added examples and tutorial for C++ bindingLuciana Magno de Almeida
2015-11-12examples: fix attrib name due to change in Evas Canvas3D API.Cedric BAIL
2015-07-04EFL Model Form View for MVC designLarry Jr
2015-07-04EFL Model List View for MVC designLarry Jr
2015-06-22examples: fix changes in Evas.Canvas3D namespace.Cedric BAIL
2015-06-02examples: Replace setenv() with elm_config_accel_preference_set().Jaehyun Cho
2015-06-02examples: Replace preferred engine "opengl_x11" with accel preference "3d".Jaehyun Cho
2015-05-28examples/evas3d: Use correct variable type for a return value.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-04-28photocam: update photocam example to demonstrate photocam orientation.kabeer khan
2015-04-20Revert "checkbox: Adding third state (Indeterminate) support in checkbox"ChunEon Park
2015-04-17checkbox: Adding third state (Indeterminate) support in checkboxShobhit
2015-04-12examples: Use new efl apis for size_set and visibility_set.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-03-04hoversel: Enabled default mirroring in hoversel.Shobhit
2015-02-27examples/performance: Fix another typo to include the image into the tarballStefan Schmidt
2015-02-27examples/performance: Fix typo in file nacme to be named backgroundStefan Schmidt
2015-02-24example: fix after change in eo_do syntax.Cedric BAIL
2015-02-23gitignore: Updated gitignore file.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-02-23examples: Fix build error due to the name change.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-02-23performance: Fix typo perfomance -> performance.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-02-23performance: Cast strlen return with int.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-02-17elementary: example showing Evas_3D with elementary widgets and testing some ...Oleksandr Shcherbina
2015-02-06win_example: Fix win example codes.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-02-05elm_label: Fixed label disappearing after theme changedJee-Yong Um
2015-01-20win_example now exits fullscreen on any key press...alwaysMike Blumenkrantz
2014-12-18elm_label: Add an example handling "slide,end" signalJee-Yong Um
2014-12-10example/sphere_hunter: Clean up source code.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-12-10.gitignore: ignore new example.Cedric BAIL
2014-12-10autotools: build Sphere Hunter with the rest of the examples.Cedric BAIL
2014-12-10sphere_hunter: remove warning.Cedric BAIL
2014-12-10autotools: fix indentation.Cedric BAIL
2014-12-10[Elementary/example]: Add new 3D game - Sphere
2014-11-14elm: Remove unnecessary elm_shutdown() while using ELM_MAIN().Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-09-28elementary: Adding example to demonstrate radio "changed" functionality.Srivardhan Hebbar
2014-09-25Eo: Get rid of eo_add_custom.Tom Hacohen
2014-09-17examples: Remove a warning during release compilation.Savio Sena
2014-09-16examples: Add extern "C" guards to C++ example.Savio Sena