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2016-03-22elm_entry: revert drag_target_set API in elm_entry.Ji-Youn Park
2016-03-19Evas.Draggable_Interface: move editable_set/get to lecacy APIJi-Youn Park
2016-03-16docs: bring back docs from eo files by switching to the new group nameStefan Schmidt
2015-07-01elm_entry: use Efl.File in Elm_EntryVitor Sousa
2014-04-24Eolian: Eo headers clean and legacy integration for:Yossi Kantor
2014-03-23Eolian: Integration of EntryDaniel Zaoui
2014-02-09Docs: actually show the functions. Missed doxy group.davemds
2014-02-05entry: Added @since 1.9 for newly added API elm_entry_select_region_set.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-02-05entry: Add elm_entry_select_region_set APIJihoon Kim
2014-01-13entry: Add elm_entry_input_panel_show_on_demand_set/get APIJihoon Kim
2014-01-03Revert "entry: Add elm_entry_input_panel_show_on_demand_set/get API"Jihoon Kim
2014-01-03entry: Add elm_entry_input_panel_show_on_demand_set/get APIJihoon Kim
2013-11-08Move selection handler from edje to elmThiep Ha
2013-08-22fixed documentation for consistency. Gets -> Get.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-08-15Sorry Jihoon, need to revert this. The code pushed to EFL to add thisChris Michael
2013-08-14Add elm_entry_input_panel_show_on_demand_set/get()Jihoon Kim
2013-04-28Elementary: header split for DateTime, DaySelector, DiskSelector, Entry,Daniel Zaoui