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2016-02-09elementary: Rename Elm_Icon_Type to Elm.Icon.Type in .eo filesVitor Sousa
2015-11-10hoversel: add item disabling support.godly.talias
2015-09-16elm_hoversel: add support elm_object_item_part_text_set()Jee-Yong Um
2015-08-06Hoversel item: migrate docs.Tom Hacohen
2015-05-19hoversel: Added item_focus_set/item_focus_get.Amitesh Singh
2015-05-18eo: sync with eolian syntax changesDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-07eolian: use the new property syntaxDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-06Revised classes and interfaces in .eo files and added missing attributesVitor Sousa
2015-05-06Most of elm: Use correct Eolian namespace syntax.Tom Hacohen
2015-05-06Elm widget+item: Use correct Eolian namespace syntax.Tom Hacohen
2014-11-12Object Items: replace most of del_pre functions with destructor.Daniel Zaoui
2014-11-12Object Items: remove legacy APIs.Daniel Zaoui
2014-11-12Elm Hoversel Item: Migrate to EoDaniel Zaoui