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2014-08-01naviframe: set EINA_UNUSED for the unused variable.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-07-31move the cleanfiles away from if to make it work without C++11Daniel Kolesa
2014-07-31fix distcheck by adding generated .eo.hh to cleanfilesDaniel Kolesa
2014-07-31elc_naviframe: Fix warning caused by elm_obj_layout_signal_emit override ↵Jaehyun Cho
function in naviframe Summary: Fix the elm_obj_layout_signal_emit override function in naviframe to prevent warning Reviewers: seoz, Hermet Reviewed By: Hermet Differential Revision: @fix
2014-07-31elc_naviframe: Fix access info set for naviframe prev_btn and next_btn.Jaehyun Cho
Summary: Do not set access info for naviframe prev_btn and next_btn when their access info are already set. Reviewers: Hermet, kimcinoo Reviewed By: kimcinoo Differential Revision:
2014-07-30Fix typos in docs.Sanjeev BA
Summary: Signed-off-by: Sanjeev BA <> Reviewers: tasn Subscribers: tasn Differential Revision:
2014-07-25atspi: expose more actions through atspi bus.Lukasz Stanislawski
Summary: Main purpose of exposing widget actions and keyboard shortcuts is to allow accessibility clients to implement alternative methods of GUI navigation. Reviewers: z.kosinski Reviewed By: z.kosinski Subscribers: seoz Differential Revision:
2014-07-25atspi: value interface implementation for elm_spinnerZbigniew Kosinski
Reviewers: stanluk Differential Revision:
2014-07-25elementary: remove duplicated include.Cedric BAIL
2014-07-24elementary: Fix segfault when running elm apps under waylandChris Michael
Don't call ecore_x functions unless we are running under an X11-compatible engine, else we get segfaults in elm_apps. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-07-24fix genlist/grid search item patch to be simpler and just betterCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
better - why? 1. no reliance on fnmatrch headers - have special enums for this so fnmatch is an internal detail (casefole may not exist) 2. don't leak strduped strings - free them when done 3. have the same code for genlist and grid (dup for now until an interface makes it the same search interface) 4. improve docs 5. get right @since version 6. use label get func in item class - providing a func won't work when multiple items of multiple classes exist in the list
2014-07-23Fix C++ and removed text_part_{set/get} from elm_buttonFelipe Magno de Almeida
As discussed in IRC, the commit that added text_part_set, text_part_get functions to elm_button are wrong. The correct functions to be used are from elm_layout: text_set and text_get. Fixed the example to use these functions that are inherited on elm_button from elm_layout and fixed the cleanup of childrens in the parent window by using the del event callback.
2014-07-23gengrid: Add function to search item by string.Jyotiprakash Sahoo
Summary: This function allows user to search for item in Gengrid. Test Plan: elementary_test -to "Gengrid Item Search By Text" Reviewers: seoz, singh.amitesh, Hermet, raster Differential Revision:
2014-07-22update according to eolian changesDaniel Kolesa
2014-07-22update according to EFLDaniel Kolesa
2014-07-22Elm_Map: port API to eo file.Daniel Zaoui
This function has to be described in elm_map.eo so Eolian can generate the legacy and Eo APIs.
2014-07-22genlist: Focus highlight when loop is enableAnand
Summary: This patch is dependent on D1193 and D1136. It will be pushed after D1193 and D1136 patch. Reviewers: singh.amitesh Differential Revision: Conflicts: src/lib/elm_genlist.c
2014-07-22add ignore for generated .hh eo filesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-07-22genlist : Add item looping on flag.Hosang Kim
Summary: When item looping feature is on and press up or down key, screen seems to be frozen. Test Plan: elementary_test -to "genlist focus" -> click item looing enable -> move list up and down Reviewers:, seoz, woohyun Subscribers: singh.amitesh Differential Revision:
2014-07-22map: Add missing legacy API into legacy headerTae-Hwan Kim
Summary: @fix Reviewers: raster Reviewed By: raster Differential Revision:
2014-07-21autotools: Fixed errors and warnings.Savio Sena
Removed portability warnings from Automake. Removed *.eo.hh from BUILT_SOURCES. Fixed some redeclaration of variables. Added datarootdir and datadir to
2014-07-21atspi: Fixes order of typedefsSavio Sena
(8ef9f49 continued...)
2014-07-21cxx: refreshed exampleFelipe Magno de Almeida
2014-07-21Added part_text_get/part_text_set and text_get/text_set to elm_buttonFelipe Magno de Almeida
Added part_text_get/part_text_set and text_get/text_set to elm_button to eolianized API.
2014-07-21autotools: Add eolian-cxx to elementary.Savio Sena
Conflicts: src/lib/
2014-07-21Fixes order of typedefsFelipe Magno de Almeida
C++ compilers refuse to compile typedefs for types not declared yet. The typedefs in the elm_interface_atspi_accessible.h were out of order with the definition (and consequently its declaration) of its struct. This fixes by modifying the order of the typedefs to be after the struct definition.
2014-07-21atspi: always set atspi role for elm_winLukasz Stanislawski
2014-07-21atspi: fix mem leak in attributes free functionLukasz Stanislawski
2014-07-21gengrid: corrected the reorder start and end evas smart callback call.Amitesh Singh
Summary: @fix Reviewers: seoz, raster Reviewed By: raster Subscribers: raster, seoz Differential Revision: Conflicts: src/lib/elm_gengrid.c
2014-07-21focus: Added internal widget APIs of focus highlight object of elm window.Amitesh Singh
Summary: This is required to support the animation of focus highlight object in case of item looping (genlist/gengrid/list). Reviewers: seoz, woohyun, raster Reviewed By: raster Subscribers:, seoz Differential Revision:
2014-07-21Focus: first item should be focused when there is no focused/selected itemAnil Kumar Nahak
Summary: First item of widget should be focused when focus comes to the widget for first time. Test Plan: elementary_test -to "Genlist Focus" elementary_test -to "Gengrid Focus" elementary_test -to "List Focus" elementary_test -to "toolbar Focus" Reviewers: seoz Differential Revision:
2014-07-21elm win noblank property added - to disable screen blanking/savingCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
@feature this adds a per-window property of "noblank". this implies turning offf the screensaver whenever there is a window visible with this property set on it. only x11 support atm.
2014-07-20dbus warn--Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-07-20systray: fixed wrong struct initializer.Daniel Juyung Seo
This fixes the following build warning. elm_systray.c:294:1: warning: excess elements in struct initializer [enabled by default] elm_systray.c:294:1: warning: (near initialization for '_iface_desc') [enabled by default]
2014-07-20elm: use @p for parameters in doxygen.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-07-20toolbar: added selected and unselected smartcallbacks to toolbar.Daniel Juyung Seo
- Item based widget should emit this signal. This is good for the consistency and makes application developers easy to guess. - Added test case to elementary_test -> toolbar @feature
2014-07-20toolbar: changed internal variable name sanely.Daniel Juyung Seo
Do not need to use 'obj2' as an object variable name as we can use 'obj' as usual.
2014-07-20list: fixed wrong indentation.Daniel Juyung Seo
2014-07-18update according to latest eolian changesDaniel Kolesa
2014-07-18notify: removed unnecessary linesJaeun Choi
2014-07-18list: call "selected" callback after set focus to the selected itemJaeun Choi
in current code, when a list item is selected, "selected" callback is called first and then focus is set to the item. this is a problem if another widget, popup for instance, is created on top of the list in the callback function. in such a case, the popup should get focused (not the list item). this patch fixes it by changing the order. @fix
2014-07-18popup: Remove unused variable.Stefan Schmidt
int_ret was never used here. Looks like a copy and paste error.
2014-07-18atspi: Orca is able to read slider value changesZbigniew Kosinski
Reviewers: stanluk Differential Revision:
2014-07-17elementary: Don't segfault if we are not using an X11-compatible engineChris Michael
When running Enlightenment under Wayland only, during init of E we make a call to elm_config_all_flush. elm_config_all_flush is making calls to ecore_x_window function(s) (for setting of elm_profile), However this causes a crash if the ELM_ENGINE is not one that is running under X11 (ie: ELM_ENGINE=drm or wayland_*). So to fix this crash, we will compare the current ELM_ENGINE and see if it is X11-compatible before making unnecessary (and crashing) calls to ecore_x_window functions. @fix Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-07-16popup: code refactoringJaeun Choi
Popup has an abnormal parent-child tree as follows, and this patch fixes it. - when popup is created, it creates a notify as a child and the tree is [parent - popup - notify]. - when popup is visible, it is set as a content of notify and the tree is [parent - notify - popup]. - when popup is hidden, the tree is reverted. To fix this, I made an internal layout and set it as the content of notify so that the tree remains as [parent - popup - notify - layout] all the time.
2014-07-16transit - fix to adopt the tween_mode factor.ChunEon Park
ACCELERATE, DECELLERATE, SINUSOIDAL modes didn't work with the tween mode factor before. now it works. @fix
2014-07-15update according to eolian syntax changesDaniel Kolesa
2014-07-15atspi: expose elc_naviframe "top_item_get" action through d-busLukasz Stanislawski
2014-07-15atspi: expose elm_image "activate" action through d-busLukasz Stanislawski
2014-07-15adjust to dbus interace struct.. back to where it wasCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)