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2013-01-09elementary/mode/access - set file create mode before create temp file.ChunEon Park
SVN revision: 82446
2011-08-26elementary/module : remove trailing whitespacesWooHyun Jung
SVN revision: 62846
2011-08-231. adjust voice to be slower and more clearCarsten Haitzler
2. show how to set custom access text on a widget. SVN revision: 62716
2011-08-19and start on allowing modified behavior when in access mode. ie turnCarsten Haitzler
it on and off. just settable by env var and config file for now. SVN revision: 62591
2011-08-19this is... the beginning of accessibility supportin elm. it's directCarsten Haitzler
as in elm manages it itself - all it needs is a module to send text to. one is provided here that just execs espeak and handles a stream of things for it to say. this is only a start and is still being fleshed out. SVN revision: 62585