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2013-01-10elementary: remove build dependencie from old e_dbus.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 82517
2012-12-11adding support for elocationFlavio Vinicius Alvares Ceolin
SVN revision: 80657
2012-12-03damn it, forgot the pkg-config is a different nameGustavo Sverzut Barbieri
SVN revision: 80111
2012-11-26We have ported to Eo all the widgets of elementary. We didn't change the ↵Yakov Goldberg
inheritance itself, only the mechanism, as done previously in Evas, Ecore and Edje. We removed totally the previous inheritance mechanism. Signed-off-by: Yakov Goldberg <> Signed-off-by: Daniel Zaoui <> SVN revision: 79668
2012-11-16[elementary/datetime] Fixed module codes. The parent of ctxpopup should be a ↵WooHyun Jung
datetime. And its location and size should be calculated with the top parent. SVN revision: 79355
2012-09-12Elm datetime-module: Fixed to work with emap.Tom Hacohen
Patch by Yakov Goldberg. SVN revision: 76528
2012-09-12elementary/datetime : Ctxpopup should be hidden when datetime isWooHyun Jung
unfocused. SVN revision: 76489
2012-09-07add eweather cflags backMike Blumenkrantz
ticket #1384 SVN revision: 76281
2012-08-30elm datetime module: Use diskselector 'clicked' smart callback in datetime ↵Daniel Juyung Seo
module. SVN revision: 75871
2012-08-30elm diskselector: Revert diskselector patch derived by Shinwoo Kim's ↵Kim Shinwoo
diskselector patch. That needs to be done in other way. Revert "From: Kim Shinwoo <>" This reverts commit 9d6e461366a0eb208d75b0a1fb5c0c822b761c71. SVN revision: 75836
2012-08-29From: Kim Shinwoo <>Kim Shinwoo
Subject: [E-devel] [patch][elementary] diskselector - select option, disabling auto selection. datetime - show even number of items by default, an diskselector item which is right in the center of diskselector is selected automatically. and if the item style emit elm,action,click signal, the item is selected also. so there would be a case that item select callback is called by two ways. one is clicking the item, the other is locating item right in the center of diskselector (if number of displayed item is odd, then after scrolling the selected callback is called always). because of this reason, datetime module always set number of displayed item to even number. to resolve this issue, i add a api to enable or disable default behavior - the auto selection - that can be found on the attachment. moreover the second attachment is for datetime module, now the datetime can show even number of items. SVN revision: 75820
2012-08-29fallback for not working strftime for am/pm - based on patch fromCarsten Haitzler
rajeev but redone simpler. SVN revision: 75811
2012-08-20From: Kim Shinwoo <>Kim Shinwoo
Subject: [E-devel] [patch][elementary] datetime - accessibility feature the attached patch is to add accessibility feature to datetime. unfortunately this patch depends on previous patch ( ) anyhow, it will be great if i can get your feedback. thanks a lot always. SVN revision: 75454
2012-08-19use same includes/cflags for building everything in elm. should fixCarsten Haitzler SVN revision: 75438
2012-06-20Elm:Vincent Torri
The datetime module has unnecessary lines. The datetime resets ctxpopup parent in ctxpopup parent resize callback. But ctxpopup has its own callback for the parent resize. In this callback, ctxpopup hides itself. then, ctxpopup recalculates its parent size when ctxpopup shows itself. So the parent resize callback in the datetime is not necessary. Then, please review the patch and give some feedbacks. Thanks. Patch by Shinwoo Kim. SVN revision: 72518
2012-06-12elementary/module : Modified 71929 with better way. Thanks ShinWoo.WooHyun Jung
But I recommend to remove all callbacks with elm_widget_top_get(obj). SVN revision: 71975
2012-06-11elementary/datetime - [E-devel] [Patch][elementary] datetime module, delete ↵ChunEon Park
callback Dear all, hello. There is a case, in the _ctxpopup_parent_resize_cb() is called even though the datetime is removed. It makes a crash, so the callback should be deleted before removing datetime. That's it. Sincerely, Shinwoo Kim. Submitted-By-Off: Kim Shinwoo <> SVN revision: 71929
2012-05-16[elm] So let's be able to try that map thing...Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 71175
2012-03-07elm diskselector: Reviewed diskselector.Daniel Juyung Seo
SVN revision: 68936
2012-03-07warn-- finalCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 68900
2012-03-06missed 1 config fetcher func.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 68811
2012-03-05From: Sumanth Krishna Mannam <>Sumanth Krishna Mannam
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] Elementary : New widget Elm_datetime patch Attached to the mail is the patch for new elementary widget elm_datetime. Refer to the below EFL post history for more details. The datetime widget provides an option to display Date & time based on current locale format and the user can edit them through dynamic Modules. Dynamic modules can be based on 1. Content Popup/diskselector based list 2. Elm_entry with ISE based input 3. Elm_Spinner based etc. Refer to the Screenshots: <1.ctxpopup_diskselector_UI> <2.entry_ise_UI> <3.spinner_selection_UI> Can someone review and push this patch to EFL repository? Change description: New widget Elm_datetime is added. Datetime widget displays the Date &Time fields and provides a customizable way to edit them. The widget is implemented in a modular fashion for date/time field inputs. Ctxpopup based input is proposed as the default selection module. Localization support based on Libc is also supported. Sign-Off By: Sumanth M.V.K <> SVN revision: 68696