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2014-02-17colorselector: Do not add custom palette color to the palette of configRyuan Choi
Summary: elm_colorselector_palette_color_add() clears the palette if config_load is true. It means that this API will add paletter color only for this colorselector object. Fixes T786 Test Plan: Added elm_colorselector_palette. Reviewers: seoz, raster Maniphest Tasks: T786 Differential Revision:
2014-01-06elm: Changed __UNUSED__ to EINA_UNUSED.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-11-19Tests: Added elm_suite.h to EXTRA_DIST.Tom Hacohen
Fixes make dist.
2013-11-19Introduce check for unit testing framework of ElementaryRyuan Choi
Reviewers: seoz, tasn CC: tasn, cedric Differential Revision: