tag namev1.7.8 (33da553769bc071c3f1dbe2b0d0ed52b61f21100)
tag date2013-08-02 14:54:31 -0300
tagged byEduardo Lima (Etrunko) <>
tagged objectcommit 6e91b5ed61...
elementary release 1.7.8
Daniel Juyung Seo (1): elm_list.c: fixed elm_object_item_part_content_set bug with 'end' part in elm_list. Daniel Willmann (4): els_tooltip: Don't expect to have X running if support is compiled in els_tooltip.c: Initialize px and py to zero els_tooltip: Only call ecore_x_pointer_xy_get() if we're in X News and ChangeLog for previous elc_tooltop backports Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) (1): 1.7.8 release Gustavo Lima Chaves (2): Backporting b2e044a3c249eac461446cafe4a18f29cc75e835 It seems someone ditched the NO_RETURN-less version of a macro. Nicolas Aguirre (1): elementary-1.7: Fix build of elm_map when ecore_con support is not present Rafael Antognolli (1): Backport: elm/framespace: Get the framespace from the theme. Stefan Schmidt (4): elm/naviframe: Fix potential deref of freed memory. elm_cnp: Fix memory leak in error path. elc_fileselector: Backport d713271bec8a24efdcfaa94191101e3c16108f0f elm_gesture_layer: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference. maxerba (4): updating esperanto translation updating desktop files with new translations Fixed sorting of desktop files updating desktop files