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2013-12-05 Eduardo Lima (Etrunko)

        * 0.17.6 release

2013-11-26 dieter.e

        * fixed potential crashes when switching desktops and closing windows

2013-11-25 Tom Hacohen

	* Entry: Fixed issues with entry not scrolling to cursor.

2013-11-05 Tom Hacohen

	* wsod: Fixed gdb hangs when generating backtraces.

2013-10-14 Eduardo Lima (Etrunko)
        * 0.17.5 release

2013-10-14 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Fix event clipping on filemanager icons

2013-09-20 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Check mouse location when clicking menus, only activate items when clicking in the menu

2013-09-19 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Fix bug where new files could not be created repeatedly

2013-08-02 Deon Thomas (PrinceAMD)

	* fixed stall on startup because xinerama started before randr (backports).

2013-08-02 Eduardo Lima (Etrunko)

        * 0.17.4 release

2013-05-11 Rafael Antognolli

        * 0.17.3 release

2013-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed bug where e widgets would not unset focus
        * fixed bug with filemanager setting path with too many spaces when opened from menu

2013-06-10 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fix remember size/position apply

2013-05-24 Christopher Michael

	* added support for hotplugging monitors in randr code
        * added support for setting Primary Output used by randr protocol

2013-04-26 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed theme bug which prevented windows from unshading correctly when animations were disabled

2013-04-25 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * improve efm mouse movement detection for icons
        * add check for vmware window in another spot to disable key remapping

2013-04-09  Rafael Antognolli

        * release

2013-04-08  maxerba

        * Update Esperanto translations.

2013-04-06  Joan Coll

        * Update Catalan translations.

2013-04-04  Rafael Antognolli

        * 0.17.2 release

2013-02-20 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * toolbar gadgets no longer crash when trying to display a popup

2013-02-18 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed disable of input methods in input method config dialog
        * fixed pointer warp when pointer was inside warp window but not directly over it

2013-02-11 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed bug where pointer warping to new clients would start at a random location
        * fix crash when locking screen from Start gadget and then activating gadget again
        * fixed bug where e_layout would ignore frozen state and crash

2013-02-08 Cedric Bail

	* remove call to efreet_menu_parse from a thread.

2013-02-07 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * keyboard mapping change now also disables for window class "vmware"

2013-02-07 Cedric Bail

	* enable image preloading for all e_widget_preview using edje

2013-02-07 Carsten Haitzler

        * fix clock timerfd usage to actually detect a date change.
        * improve clock to also listen to /etc/timezone changes too.

2013-02-06 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * moved "allow windows above fullscreen windows" option to geometry settings dialog
        * fix filemanager efreet cache listeners and updates

2013-02-05 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fix bug where edge flips would stop functioning after dragging to an invalid edge containing a shelf
        * remove unnecessary shelf deletion when changing resolution

2013-02-04 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fix possible crash in xkb rule parsing
        * fix list update on deletion of personal app launchers
        * fix button toggling in personal app launchers dialog

2013-02-01 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed leak in profile list dbus method
        * fixed behavior of Up/Down keys in filemanager when typebuf was visible

2013-01-31 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed a number of bugs where keyboard layouts could not be applied or selected
        * filemanager now ignores changes to .part files
        * fixed opening of links in filemanager in some cases
        * fixed window autoraise triggering from pointer slide
        * 0.17.1 release

2013-01-29 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed bug where dragging files into sidebar would move them instead of creating links

2013-01-23 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * module error dialog is no longer remembered across restarts
        * fix small leak in efm when performing dnd onto mounted drive icon
        * fixed small leak in e_import_config_dialog_show during failure case
        * fixed small leak in e_import_dialog_show during failure case
        * fixed small leak in illume2 policy config
        * fixed path setting in import dialog
        * fixed possible NULL deref in desktop editor
        * fixed possible NULL deref in e_sys when debugging

2013-01-22 Massimo Maiurana

        * Added three more files for input methods used in asian countries

2013-01-22 Igor Murzov

        * Marked some messages for translation
        * Better gettext usage in a few places
        * Fixed some typos and improved some messages a bit

2013-01-22 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Desktop->Shelves menu now shows shelf names
        * No longer build illume edj files
        * fixed gadget dragging on desktop near screen edges
        * fixed bug where backlight settings would try to update dummy backlight devices
        * fixed bug where "don't composite fullscreen windows" option would cause some windows to stop appearing

2013-01-11 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed bug where backlight settings would try to update dummy backlight devices

2013-01-10 Carsten Haitzler

        * fixed bug where starting with a nonexistent config could cause a crash instead of simply restarting
        * fixed window border hide bug where after iconification hides leave ghosts

2013-01-10 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed bug where internal dialogs would not redraw after unfullscreening

2013-01-10 Deon Thomas

        * Fixed bug with desktop config profile where conf module version variable was misnamed

2013-01-09 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * fixed bug where window border insets were not applied to initial positioning geometry, causing them to be placed incorrectly

2013-01-08 Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Fixed bug where keyboard resizing of windows would not be possible if timeout was set to zero
        * Fixed crash when clicking apply in wallpaper settings dialog and no wallpaper is selected
        * Fixed bug where disabled slider widgets could be changed with mouse wheel
        * Fixed bug where fileman config slider widgets were not properly disabled
        * Tasks gadgets now apply the selected style

2013-01-07 Tom "TAsn" Hacohen
	* e_entry + e_scrollable: Fixed issues with smart members.

2013-01-07 Mike Blumenkrantz
        * Restore default keybindings no longer restores two bindings for ctrl+alt+f

2013-01-07  Thomas Petazzoni

	* Fix build with uClibc.

2013-01-04 Lucas De Marchi

        * Fixed crash when changing desktops configuration

2013-01-03  Cedric Bail

	* Fix E17 restart after manually monitoring it

2012-12-28  Tomas Cech

        * Fix construction of variant list for setxkbmap

2012-12-28  Carsten Haitzler

        * Increased maximum menu size, improved menu autoscrolling

2012-12-28  Hannes Janetzek

        * Fixed error in Evry when trying to call edje functions on non-edje object

2012-12-24  Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Fixed crash when changing ibar source

2012-12-24  Boris Faure

        * Fixed SIGFPE in tiling module and functionality of toggle_rows_count


        Initial release