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* new gad usability: be able to move, resize etc. without alt
  (needs old gadget move/resize mode enable/disable in the menu)
* new gad usability: initial gadget bar setup dnd needs to be normal dnd
* new gad usability: setup needs an obvious "add" button as dnd not obvious
* efm: use elm for window
* efm: use elm scroller for fm view
* efm: use elm for file popup
* efm: add disk space used bar for disk volume icons
* efm: add space used "du -sh" summery for all folders
* efm: add filesystem cache (all dirs cached in files and updated in bg)
* efm: thumbs for music gettign album art like rage
* efm: thumbs for videos with movie posters like rage
* efm: show symlink info in icon
* efm: fuse support (mtp, sshfs, cifs/smb etc.)
* shot: add manual cropping ability
* shot: add simple free draw, box, line and text on top of shot before save
* bz5: add icon set for actions/states per bt device (pair.unpair, etc.)
* bz5: add obex agent support integrated with efm for sharing via bt
  and downloads when received via obex bt (~/Downloads/...)
* battery: redesign popup to list other battery details like the
  charge if you have multiple batteries for real or separately the
  battery levels of e.g. bt mice, kbd's and other such devices
* randr: get auto layout to handle screens laid out like:
  [dp2-2][dp2-1] <- 2 external monitors
      [edp-1] <- laptop main display
* battery: on click display popup like wireless/bluez5
  in popup show detailed list of battery devices and data per device
    like bluez5 use genlist with groups for core batteris vs other misc devices
  filter out hid devices with batteries from core battery state
    display other devices in above list separately
  handle string capacity values like Full, High, Normal, Low, Critical...
* device manager: new tool to browser /sys etc. and display nicely present
  hardware and device drivers and state
* sys top: new tool displays cpu/mem "top" - evisum. we want it to be shipped
  with e though so it's always there guaranteed have back-end system status
  logging to files all day long that always starts with e. gui is a front-end
  view to this back-end data log and follows it as it updates.
    can go back in time then to previous logs
    should have the ability to draw nice graphs etc.

* music-control: fix aspect ratio of album cover image