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+Release 0.21.4:
+Al Poole (1):
+ efm - fix popup if file is a fifo
+Alexander Pyhalov (1):
+ actually check if PIE is supported for SUID
+Carsten Haitzler (3):
+ e fm - fix popup to not crash by referring to possibly deleted data
+ cpufreq - move cpuinfo polling into thread to not block mainloop ever
+ wizard - do not set scale to 1.2 forcibly. use dpi as the def prof says
+Christopher Michael (2):
+ check if a client is internal or not before deleting
+ fix missing definition of DRM_FORMAT_XRGB8888
+Derek Foreman (6):
+ Block session recovery for internal windows
+ Remove EVAS_CALLBACK_HIDE on shelf when freeing
+ Increase area of tilers for regions
+ Fix massive wayland input region brokenness
+ Fix wayland opaque regions
+ Stop passing dimensions to _e_comp_wl_surface_state_init
+Joshua McBeth (1):
+ add dbus message 'org.enlightenment.wm.Window.SendToDesktop'
+Marcel Hollerbach (5):
+ wizard: make page 065 translatable
+ mixer: we changed that name when we merged the mixer in
+ update german translation
+ The potfile has changed,
+ mixer: do not set back the value from emix once the drag is finished
+Massimo Maiurana (1):
+ Updating italian translation
+Michaƫl Bouchaud (yoz) (2):
+ mixer: fix the volume conversion calc into pulseaudio backend
+ Revert "mixer: lock up the slider for the case a drag is in progress"
+Mike Blumenkrantz (80):
+ enforce bryce resizing when orientation changes
+ add EINTERN function for renaming gadget sites
+ fix bryce check for shelf existence on orientation/anchor to break when expected
+ add zone number to bryce names
+ do not check for shelf/bryce existence in opposing anchorages during bryce wizard
+ further improve bryce portability across zones
+ also do full bryce rename when moving between zones
+ add new flag for zone edge objects to allow shape cutting while repeating events
+ force bryce visibility during editor activity
+ add gadget_site_(un)locked smart callbacks for forcing gadget site visibility
+ call gadget_popup smart callback when configuring gadgets
+ handle gadget_popup smart callback on gadget's display object
+ set ON_HOLD flag when triggering gadget mouse buttion actions
+ remove unused attribute from used param
+ trigger bryce menus from right click if event has not been consumed
+ fix bryce upgrade path from 0 -> 2 re:naming
+ set ON_HOLD flag more accurately when activating gadget actions
+ avoid extra recalc when resizing a bryce on its oriented axis
+ add gadget site sizing workaround to avoid elm box sizing desync
+ rename bryces when changing anchors
+ loop bryce autosize recalc when gadget site has not yet calculated its size
+ only find the session recovery remember if ec->remember is not it
+ apply non-session recovery remember to client when creating recovery remember
+ correctly handle applying of non-SR remember in remember config
+ reject successive zone_geometry_dirty() calls
+ trigger zone geometry events when updating zone/desk obstacles
+ force min size on wireless popup during show
+ add workarounds for ctxpopup geometry for use in input shape tiling
+ force recalc on bryce scroller when doing recalc on gadget site
+ handle no-orient gadget visibility based on site->events visibility
+ force gadget site recalc on gadget object creation to ensure sizing
+ copy gadget position from pointer gadget -> drop gadget when executing drop
+ calc new gadget size based on ratio of size:target site size
+ allow client frame changes when switching from frame -> no frame
+ optimize out re-applying of borderless client theme
+ block remembers of e_sys windows
+ use eina_streq for string comparison in e_zone_for_id_get()
+ fix use after free when renaming a bryce
+ clamp bryce position to its parent zone
+ avoid potential divide by zero during bryce startup
+ do not modify bryce zone/name during startup
+ center desktop gadget editor popups upon the zone they have activated
+ attempt to handle non-orient gadget resizes based on anchor corners
+ allow scaling gadgets using wheel events during initial placement
+ attempt to recalc gadgets which overflow their container
+ do not apply efx anchoring to move effects if a resize effect is not active
+ do not return early from _bryce_position()
+ add bool return for e_exec_phony_del() to return deletion success
+ feed mouse-up when dropping a gadget site before enabling events on the site
+ force gadget site recalc from style object if gadget's hints change
+ return correct values from bryce post event callbacks
+ determine wl pixmap argb solely based on image_argb flag
+ avoid crash when calling e_pixmap_image_exists on wl pixmaps without buffers
+ add more parens for previous pixmap commit
+ add special case for returning pixmap argb of unusable wl cursor pixmaps
+ move bryces to E_LAYER_DESKTOP_TOP when not above windows
+ force bryce repositioning onto target zone during startup
+ use only zone coords when moving bryce to its zone during editing
+ clamp e_place calcs to zone geometry
+ break out e_place_desk_region_smart() area calcs into separate function
+ break out repeated code from _e_place_desk_region_smart_area_calc() into separate function
+ reset initial internal wl client states when hiding (but not deleting)
+ unset wl client surface pointer on surface destroy
+ remove wl client pixmap aliasing on del
+ always free wl pixmap buffer list on non-cache image clear
+ unalias internal wl client pixmaps in elm win hide trap callback
+ handle e_scale correctly in bryces
+ keep bryce starting size unscaled
+ unset cur_mouse_action upon deleting client menu
+ send orientation signal to bryce scroller theme
+ only unset cur_mouse_action on client menu delete for the right action
+ focus confirmation option in efm delete dialog
+ disable bindings during desklock
+ reject non-printable characters from lokker entry
+ make confirm dialogs autoselect the confirm option
+ require an elm win to apply auto-visibility for internal wins in wl surface commit
+ clarify some wl surface checks to require elm wins
+ make fake mouse-out upon focus-out conditional on pending pointer warp
+ revise internal window session recovery blocking to compile with older efl
+ prevent divide by zero when calculating gadget aspect sizing
+Romain Naour (1):
+ E: fix Wayland without xwayland build
+Stefan Schmidt (2):
+ e_fm: fix last commit to compile again with clang
+ e_fm: remove unused variable
+Stephen okra Houston (1):
+ Time Gadget: Change the calendar month on mouse wheel.
Release 0.21.3:
Carsten Haitzler (4):