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+Release 0.19.11:
+Carsten Haitzler (3):
+ e - fm - flush all evas caches to get rid of open file handles b4 umount
+ e - fix crash in desktop lookup+fixup where exe_inst is null
+ deskmirror - fix dangling reference to mirror by refcounting it
+Marcel Hollerbach (1):
+ deskmirror: check if ec is not null before accessing it
+Mike Blumenkrantz (29):
+ delete notification mirror objects upon deleting original popup
+ unset client hidden flag on config dialogs when activating from another vdesk
+ add ilist method for setting disabled state
+ remove unused variables in ilist widget
+ send FLOAT_SET edje messages during desk flip
+ make bgpreview widget work with panoramic wallpapers
+ always set alpha for internal wins
+ decode .desktop link and directory uris in fileman menus
+ re-set internal ee win after applying alpha
+ only lower x11 layer windows for layers which have windows during init
+ add eeze watch for backlight events
+ remove backlight update calls from backlight module
+ add efl versioning for eeze backlight monitoring
+ do not return non-visible clients for e_client_under_pointer_get()
+ only set focus on clients which are visible during client eval
+ move focus setting on restart into desk restore function
+ apply vertical maximize algorithm for LEFT/RIGHT maximized windows
+ unset E_Client->want/take_focus flags during client eval
+ block gadcon thaw on unpopulate when gadcon is deleted
+ only unpopulate a shelf when applying new settings if the shelf won't be recreated
+ clamp client geometry to zone during geometry calc
+ redo client maximization when a non-overlap shelf changes geometry
+ do not emit client iconify signal when reapplying compositor theme
+ calculate comp object visibility regardless of pending damages
+ update xkb settings and send xkb update event when calling e_xkb_layout_set()
+ only init E_EVENT_XKB_CHANGED during xkb init if xkb init hasn't already occurred
+ attempt to maintain currently-selected kbd layout when modifying kbd list
+ improve client exe_inst creation
+ fix systray implementation of notifier watcher (StatusNotifierItem)
Release 0.19.10:
Carsten Haitzler (1):