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1Release 0.20.4:
3Chris Michael (5):
4 Fix type of size fields for E_Shell_Data
5 Fix issue of nested compositors not working with Ecore_Wl2 library
6 Update wl_weekeyboard for ecore_evas_wayland_window_get2 function rename
7 Fix issue of using the wrong id when finding pixmap client
8 check siginfo si_code to verify that SIGUSR2 comes from user
10Christopher Michael (14):
11 Make configure check for Ecore_Wl2 library
12 include header for Ecore_Wl2
13 remove unused event loop and add external Ecore_Wl2_Display variable
14 port wayland compositor to use Ecore_Wl2
15 port e_scale to use Ecore_Wl2
16 Port shot module to use ecore_wl2 library
17 Fix formatting of wl_weekeyboard module
18 Don't leak eina_iterator in shot module
19 Port wl_weekeyboard to use Ecore_Wl2 library
20 Port wl_fb module to use Ecore_Wl2 Library
21 Fix formatting
22 Fix formatting
23 Try to init (and error check the init) of ecore_wl2 library before we create a compositor
24 Fix using global ewd variable by making it part of e_comp_wl
26Marcel Hollerbach (1):
27 e_comp_wl: only ignore ignored clients
29Mike Blumenkrantz (37):
30 call ecore_wl2_shutdown() in wl compositor delete callback
31 create wl client connection during compositor init, use in shot module
32 define EFL_BETA_API_SUPPORT explicitly in e.h if wayland support is enabled
33 remove defines for various beta api in other places
34 remove need_reparent, reparented, first_damage flags from wl client comp_data
35 call xdg surface map when creating a surface for visible internal windows
36 set want_focus for xdg popup surfaces on creation
37 only do passthrough surface map on xwayland surfaces during commit
38 more correctly handle evry mouse detection on wayland
39 improve focus setting during wayland client show callback
40 |= instead of = flag setting for want_focus during wayland surface commit
41 automatically mark wayland cursor surfaces as visible during set_cursor
42 do not set focus in wayland client show callback for cursor clients
43 always apply damages and input regions during wayland commit
44 remove duplicate visibility setting blocks from wayland surface commit
45 add render updates for cursor clients if damages exist during set_cursor
46 reenable fallthrough surface (un)mapping for subsurfaces during commit
47 remove _e_comp_wl_focus_down_set()
48 track wayland client mouse button states as a full button mask
49 enable surface visibility fallthrough for drag clients
50 unify client mouse action ending
51 allow instant client mouse actions to persist until mouse up
52 determine new_client state for xwayland clients using xwayland pixmap
53 handle more mouse buttons in wayland
54 allocate E_Shell_Data for all xdg surfaces (popups)
55 add function for disabling mouse/key/wheel/signal bindings
56 disable binding activation when grab dialog, menus, or dnd is active
57 remove comp canvas key handler shortcuts for passing keys to wayland clients
58 defer screenshot action execution using a job
59 disable bindings during wayland screenshot operations
60 do not attempt to create x11 canvas during xwayland init
61 do not shortcut access of Efreet_Desktop->x hash in fileman
62 disable shelf shadows if "noshadow" data item exists in shelf theme
63 do not update keymap group in _e_comp_wl_input_keymap_update()
64 update xkb.cur_group and send event upon serializing an EFFECTIVE layout in wl input
65 send mouse out+in on desk flip end
66 disable map when unsetting zoomap child
1Release 0.20.3: 69Release 0.20.3:
2--------------------- 70---------------------
3Carsten Haitzler (1): 71Carsten Haitzler (1):