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1Release 0.21.10:
3Al Poole (1):
4 Efm: file properties, fix widget sizing issue.
6Carsten Haitzler (5):
7 wireless module - dont segv e if connman daemon restarts
8 e - fix eet image format test to actually use key when loading
9 filepreview - properly set min size on cells not in a broken way
10 xsettings - fix warning for buffer that could be a bit small
11 batget - fix warnings about buffer sizes
13Derek Foreman (1):
14 Remove ecore_drm support
16Marcel Hollerbach (6):
17 e_startup: check for efreet errors
18 tiling: show notification if a client cannot be tiled
19 everything: use correct edje api
20 mixer: find a better name
21 tiling: give a better error message if a client doesnt fit
22 everything:declare this object as const
24Mike Blumenkrantz (79):
25 reject gadget site layout attempts only when it would be impossible
26 do not reposition new bryces after using editor
27 clamp vertical bryce size to useful zone geometry
28 use explicit rounding for bryce scaling
29 do not add delete/kill request smart callbacks for non-internal wl clients
30 apply client hints when rescaling a client
31 rescale x11 clients after fetching hints
32 don't arbitrarily bind version=1 for wl extension resources
33 make mouse-activated menus function as expected with 0 passed as activate time
34 do not defer wl gl init
35 clamp internal win min/max size hints to 0
36 set clock gadget id on creation
37 destroy gadget configs when deleting a gadget site
38 avoid object hide animations during shutdown
39 handle case where eglBindWaylandDisplay fails during wl init
40 capture zone for newly-added bryces based on name
41 make menu autoplacement more consistent by preferring DOWN placement
42 set gadget ctxpopup priority based on anchor
43 end xdnd operations on window hide if no FINISHED event is received
44 don't force xwl drag client motion for override drag clients
45 use xwindow check to determine whether to check icccm accept/take focus attrs
46 always align ibar inner box to the left
47 send theme signal for dialogs when no buttons are present
48 only pop a single dialog to notify about all fail themes in theme dialog
49 block updating window remembers while applying them
50 use EC_CHANGED for client menu attr changes
51 avoid hiding->showing->hiding->etc submenus for active menu items
52 re-select previously selected font+size in font class config
53 clamp xsettings font size to 12 when size is 0
54 only update wl client window size on commit if no pending resize exists
55 handle focus reverting correctly when using desk flip all actions
56 replace existing resize pointer mode for x11 client-initiated resizes
57 lock menu eventing during menu idler positioning
58 use menu item geometry to determine whether menu item is onscreen
59 only set new clients to current desk if desk has not yet been set
60 temporarily cache x11 configure requests which reposition hidden windows
61 remove invalid framelist call on frametable object in imc dialog
62 check imc exe existence before showing in imc dialog list
63 don't set gadman overlay gadgets as editing if overlay not visible
64 batch x11 maximize state change requests
65 force min size calc on dialog show
66 always use client geometry for comp object centering functions
67 handle gadget ctxpopup placement for desktop gadgets
68 set moving gadgets in pointer site to have moving state
69 perform gadget site layout before calling drop callback
70 destroy dropped gadgets after drop operation completes
71 fix color class dialog sizing
72 use client geometry for fileman popup positioning instead of win object geometry
73 use evas size hints for image widget internals if internal obj is not edje obj
74 use client frame for internal win geometry setting on show
75 perform client zone updates on canvas move/resize when not ignored
76 do not rescale override x11 clients during hint fetching
77 use clone of remembers list in window remember config
78 handle xdg "autostart" directories in apps dialogs
79 handle bryce setup when theme is broken
80 track setxkbmap processes and allow only one to run at a time
81 Revert "force recalc on bryce scroller when doing recalc on gadget site"
82 Revert "handle updates_full when adding comp object update regions"
83 force client render on mirror show for clients which have not yet been rendered
84 initialize stack variables
85 use int array for client maximize hint state update
86 use focus_set_with_pointer to focus from clients menu (middle click)
87 track gadget ctxpopups and reposition within zone on resize
88 do not reset existing client damage on resize if tiler size matches pixmap size
89 move pending client render queue in pixel callback to before render call
90 return during client pixel callback if pixmap is dirty and no updates exist
91 avoid adding render updates on client resize while shading the client
92 check for matching '/' in screen edid before fuzzy matching in randr init
93 use correct string for randr screen fuzzy matching
94 set shaped client image alpha after setting image data
95 don't update clock timer for time gadgets when deleting a non-advanced gadget
96 stack gadgets below site event rect when reparenting gadget
97 add time config event rects to gadget popups list
98 reset zone edge objects after comp canvas update
99 block all desk flips during window resize
100 warp pointer to center of internal dialog on show if dialog has focus
101 apply pointer focus to existing config dialogs from settings window
102 handle first time desk setting for fullscreen clients without crashing
103 remove fullscreen clients from vdesk clients list when toggling sticky state
105Release 0.21.9:
1Amitesh Singh (1): 107Amitesh Singh (1):
2 e widget entry: fix the compilation warning 108 e widget entry: fix the compilation warning
3 109