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20.8 NEWS Updatesv0.20.8
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1Release 0.20.8:
3Chris Michael (1):
4 disable option for mouse to use Application theme if we are running in Wayland
6Mike Blumenkrantz (41):
7 Revert "handle recursion more effectively in e_menu_hide_all()"
8 feed mouse up events to internal wins before mouse out during action exec
9 ensure that the startup apps cache handler has run before trying to start apps
10 directly load extra wl modules during compositor init
11 further optimize window smart placement by reducing obstacle calcs
12 don't refocus deleted clients during wl compositor grab
13 ensure lifetime for wl client focus timer
14 hide evry on focus-out
15 don't revert focus to desktop fileman during compositor grab
16 evry null deref
17 bad copy/paste in _e_place_desk_region_smart_obstacle_add()
18 add configure flag for xwayland binary
19 clean up mixer includes
20 unset DISPLAY during mixer's pulse backend startup
21 ensure xwayland module init does not fail due to early startup
22 flag wl surfaces as internal during create() based on pid matching
23 make init fail if a dbus session connection cannot be created
24 update README.wayland to include dbus-launch
25 do not add ignored clients to ibar menu
26 ensure child windows are placed on screen
27 disable focus effects for windows with csd
28 block keyboard sending for wl clients if a compositor grab is active
29 only load wayland-specific modules on startup if they have been built
30 handle positioning of x11 overrides with csd accurately
31 change efm icon entry to only toggle focus in x11 compositors (runtime)
32 toggle compositor canvas focus during init
33 fix usage of e_object_unref in xkbswitch when managing new kbd dialog
34 also check pixmap argb state when setting comp object alpha
35 enforce setting alpha on comp objects only after image data has been set
36 ensure int64_t is used in all cases for wl pixmap ids
37 remove some cruft from _e_comp_wl_client_cb_new()
38 set E_Client->override flag for internal wins as needed
39 use window id for internal window pixmaps again on wayland
40 avoid infinitely looping when applying x11 window grouping
41 only check pixmap argb state for non-X11 clients
42 use parent windows for x11 binding grabs
43 adjust some client eval parts to make manual placement work again
44 force cursor placement to obey useful zone geometry
45 ensure that client eval correctly handles retries on visibility-pending clients
46 prevent double emission of E_EVENT_CLIENT_SHOW
47 more tweaks for manual window placement in client eval
1Release 0.20.7: 50Release 0.20.7:
2--------------------- 51---------------------
3Carsten Haitzler (4): 52Carsten Haitzler (4):