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@@ -84,15 +84,11 @@ Known Issues
* Internal window (eg. filemanager), DnD is not currently functional
- Requires new EFL release
-* Nested compositors (wl_wl output) cannot create internal windows
- - Requires new EFL release
-* Window close animations will not play for most Wayland clients
- - Requires upstream Wayland protocol additions
* Restarting Enlightenment kills all open applications
- Requires upstream *-shell protocol additions, XWayland improvements
* XWayland clients do not smoothly resize
- Requires upstream XWayland improvements
* The first-launched X11 client will sometimes fail to show
- Requires upstream XWayland improvements
-* Keyboard layout switching is not available
+* Some issues related to keyboard layout switching
- Requires various improvements